Nokia X5-01

Nokia X5-01

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  • seller

hmm.. rather bit funny design.. but well the price is quite promising, at my place this hp is RM650 for brand new with 1 year warranty.. around 200 USD.. not bad..

  • abako

Ameer, 23 Sep 2010Hi Abako, Just want to know howz the music quality and loudness ... moresound is so loud and you surely happy with that. the photo quality is the on the lower side. the battery is good and what else...and i really like the size, small with full qwerty keypad.


this fone is beautiful......i love it.

  • Anonymous

the designer of this cell phone should be sniped in his head

  • black_cat

Bradley, 25 Sep 2010Owh... Just viewing the Office files only! X5's been deleted fr... moreNokia E5 has released in Indonesia. Avaible in Black and White colour. So grab it fast

  • B S

it appears that Nokia has lost it's focus. Supposed to be a market leader, but following other players. They have nothing at the moment which makes others to follow. The specs are outdated and way behind others.Symbion OS is not talked about at all. Apple has captured upmarket segment and Samsung have overtaken Nokia in every aspect.

  • Ahmed

amna, 23 Sep 2010it is not worth many lackness..3g? But no secondary camera?3g is not for only secondary camera.. if you are talking about video calling, i am damn sure primary camera will do it for you

  • black_cat

Nokia x5 has released in Indonesia. Avaible in Graphite Black and Pink. So grab it fast!!

  • Yeaz

I was Dissapointed to buy nokia X5-01...
because only a few day it was broken..
and than nokia operator said the weakness of nokia X5-01 slide a little loose...

  • Karthick

How can Nokia think abt this kind of design yuk..

  • S K Naik

When width is 66 mm screen size is too small 2.36". It should have been aleast 3"

  • Bradley

Owh... Just viewing the Office files only!
X5's been deleted from my list... HaHa!
Gonna wait & see for E5.. :)

  • Vijay

michael, 24 Sep 2010ugly as hell. the one who designed it should be killed.Agreed.
But also the one's who approved this design.LOL.

  • ankur

good set

  • Nik

Not attractive look...

  • michael

ugly as hell. the one who designed it should be killed.

  • yuba

i just bought this phone. And for me x5 performed very good althought i dont like the design. N i agree 3g not only for video call. And as far as i know 3g is just a fast internet conection that made video call is posible. So i think x5 dont need a secondary camera in fact of the price are so cheap. So if u need a video call find another cellphone. Nb: i write n post the text using my x5 lol..

  • Sultan

Strange but looks good :-D

  • amna

it is not worth many lackness..3g? But no secondary camera?

  • nbonato

boobita chusaan, 22 Sep 2010ewwww........ugly looks..... i'll nevr buy such phone everI didn't like its appearence, too......