Nokia X5-01

Nokia X5-01

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  • Anonymous

Not bad looking. I like the chubby design.

  • the_k

nokia is on suicide mission :(

  • sre..

size is too still its cool

  • Anonymous

nokia is dead

  • tapio

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2010What a joke!! This has got to be the lamest, most pathetic phone... morenow that's just ignorant of you..there's nothing wrong with symbian, especially s60 3rd edition... I'd rather have symbian with free voice guided navigation than apple with dozens of fart apps or android with 10 clock designs for the desktop...the symbian os is plenty stable, can work with few resources, which means less money and more battery life.
As for the x5, the only thing keeping me from buying it is the fact that it's not yet available in my country and the camera lacks autofocus...

  • John Marshal

M.B, 17 Jul 2010wat abt video call i.e secondary

  • Dhananjaya

Itz really cool

  • xxx

bad desaign completely

  • Anonymous

What a joke!! This has got to be the lamest, most pathetic phone in 2010 for nokia! And nokia, piece of advice... GIVE UP ON SYMBIAN, will ya?? It's way to pathetic next to any other OS...

  • lander

symbian os. outdated and very slow

  • baba ji

Hamza Sadiq, 20 Jul 2010When will it come to pakistan and what will be the price?beta phone price gonna b around rs-12000

  • Hamza Sadiq

When will it come to pakistan and what will be the price?

  • duryodhan

he is good phone

  • kodn

i think it is a bit too rectangularly pointy..

  • MUZA

nice look phone good

  • 7th_sign

I can see that the specs is good!...Nice phone for me!...and for girls too!LOL ^_^

  • chocowii

Its an E-series on a slide. Nice.

  • jior could u say that?...u dont even have it nor even just the shadow..don't judge as if u have one.

  • Rohit

amirking, 16 Jul 2010Same nokia features in new shape... nothing exceptional.right...thr is nothin so special or different!!!

  • deteled egaugnal

well AT&T would probably get this kind of phone...and not always the best ones from Nokia that's why some AT&T user's prefer iphone, blackberry, HTC w/(android OS).It's so limited (been there so i switch to unlocked phones and still with AT&T's data plan).