Nokia X5-01

Nokia X5-01

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  • Anonymous

nice cell phone but the size of keypad is too short

  • ionut

looks like motorola

  • Abhay

t screen could b bigger ! - !

  • D-man

not smaller than me ! ! !

  • deandhay

human curvature design like SE???

  • Anonymous

ridiculous phone. If you notice there wasnt another worthy phone in a year, after the n900 release. Stupid, they are relying on the maemo6 which we havent heard since that conference. i wonder when they will release. iwent for an htc hd2 and i dont regret it. Nokia will release a good phone like this in about 5 years time haha

  • Fuad

junayed, 21 Jun 2010why nokia can't descover same as computer in a mobile?But other ... moreIt'r really interesting, i can't feel a big different cell phones of nokia, same design. and lil bit LCD, that's worth

  • Anonymous

hows this phone supposed to fit in a hand??
and i have secind thoughts in calling it a phone when it even doesnt look like one

  • Johnny

You know, thats the deal with Nokia. They NONCHALANT announce their "new" phones around the world where the people are absolutely busy oogling other phones like htc/apple/motorola etc. They should invest more in creative ad campaigns like apple and provide revolutionary product like htc. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY provide continous phone support. I agree with people here saying nokia is the best BUT dont have enough support to back it up. Remeber MAEMO??? the one which they are now trying to KILL by introducing MeeGo? Keep on dooing this nokia and i think you wont be able to make it to 2011... Peace!

  • vajee555

what an ugly phone.. lolzzzz

  • wert

this phone is ugly i fill like saying $%*8 u but nah

  • brynn

I like because its good old nokia with their wacky styling from the past..Come on nokia tho we want an n95 with 3.5mm jack on top, card slot, better optimised,,720p video record,thats it start with altho the screen could go to 3inch touchscreen..We want button series 60 fones with xenon ,,pretty please Nokia...

  • Ani

C6 is the best with low price

  • Andi

OMG, this has to be the ugliest phone nokia ever made

  • Vivek

slash, 20 Jun 2010i love nokia designs but this is just ugly.. Nokia E71 is the... moreoh r u wikking crazy?u have gone mad.x6 is ofcourse better than E71

  • r 3 b 3 l

Man! I didn't take in the full scale of the phones width until just now when i compared it with the e71! Although this would mean a more comfortable keypad i just can't visualize how someone would actually put this thing to their ear.

Plus now, the small screen seems the more irritating. Its a budget phone alright but man, there is too much space being wasted up front.

There must be an error in the quoted battery life. This phone should ship with atleast a 1320mah battery.

  • designer

designed by a blind man

  • junayed

why nokia can't descover same as computer in a mobile?But other company able to descover this type of mobile.

  • alkali ali

ilove most of nokia phones but E71 is final

  • ravi kumar

specs great, why this ugly design. c'mon nokia give us a great design, itz like diamond on a plastic ring case