Nokia X5-01

Nokia X5-01

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  • Anonymous

this phone is so ugly. Yet it immediately reaches 40% of popularity! Lol look at the design,so ugly! so bulky and most of all this phone is open for the next version thats why its ugly im sure the next version is more compact and slim!

  • azu_ichi

oh, yeah, nokia has announced the price 4 this phone in my country. It's about 1,98mil rupiahs, or 165 euros...

  • azu_ichi

now I get confused... Nokia stated that this phone will be running s40, not s60 and going to be sold for the first time in Indonesia in just a matter of weeks... So which one is correct? I read it in 2 online newspapers said s40 is the correct one...

  • chuumpa

nice, small phone with a 5MP cam.

  • HotChilli

mike1200, 14 Jun 2010Ok, now this is a surprise. I wonder how the n98 will be, nokia ... moreAn n98 is unlikely as n8 is next flagship of nokia.

  • zak

this is an ugly looking phone never mind somthing else.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jun 20101 question: wtf is it???????????? i mean like wat is it a copy ... moreno. it's a copy of YOU, but obviously much improved.

  • tracy

I want one!

  • kevinaux

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2010this phone is hideous. i bet this not gonna make good sales. ... moreThis phone is meant to be unique and stylish at same time. Its targeted at young people who like to stand out from the crowd. The market is saturated with many low cost candy bar phones.
X5 with its good social networking tools and qwerty keyboard stand to gain here.

Besides, for those of you whining about the "unusual" shape, have you forgotten the Nokia Leaf and Lipstick?

  • Ricardo-Mexico



Cool phone, but sucks...
Nokia N95 with snapdragon is what the world needs.
releasing numerous phones with some feature missing is bad.

what i want:
Nokia N95 [gps,wifi,3g, 2camera, 5mp, bt, sym/maemo, microsd, dual-slide, touch, snapdragon]

Slimmer Nokia E90 [gps,wifi,3g,2camera, 5mp, bt, sym/maemo, microsd, dual-slide, touch, snapdragon]

  • Anonymous

ok the phones looks better also features but what about service its very bad in mumbai atleast.

  • Anonymous

Inovation : some says it is ugly, some say it is great.

For me, it is unique.

  • Anonymous

1 question: wtf is it????????????
i mean like wat is it a copy of the ipad but smaller and with a qwerty keyboard or wat?? this is weird

  • Anonymous

I have never seen something so ugly in a while... welcome to 10 years ago!

  • orlie_m

I am a Nokia fan. Ive been using Nokia since the very first release of 3310. But com on Nokia. The design of this fone is somehwat too unconventional. Guys imagine how you look like whe you have this Phone on your eras ( making a call )...hehe......peace

  • Annoymous

Since when Nokia copy SE's phone curved shaping style for the back of this phone?

  • dhruv

it feels bad when a reputed company like nokia copies a "not so reputed" company like MICROMAX

nokia.....what the f#@k??

  • Anonymous

this phone is hideous.

i bet this not gonna make good sales.
perhaps not even one!

i feel very sorry for those people whose gonna have this phone.

nokia is killing themselves

  • Zebro

I dont understand nokia, this is disaster, why they can not make bigger screen for phones, 320 x 240 :) Are we in the year 2000???