Nokia X5-01

Nokia X5-01

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  • R

The screen size......... wtf

  • Conrad

Ita a cool phone looks different

  • dm

The most boxy and ugly phone i have ever seen )))

  • Anonymous

fancy looking phone. nice specs too.
but, too bad, it does not have front-facing video-call camera...

  • mad max

you can not compare this phone to motorola flipout becouse they are totaly diferent price grups

  • d4vd

I choose Moto flipout. This nokia is oldschool

  • Anonymous

oohhh no..!

  • robby

i can't wait get one.............

  • nice

256mb ram and 600mhz for 165 WOW

  • rohit

might impress girls,but not boys,i think nokia made it for women

  • Anonymous

nice phone but I'll still get c3, after all camera and design are the only differences.

  • Brian

abit odd shaped, but not bad...dpad n softkey part looks squeezed tho...but hey,beauty lies in the eye of the beholder"

  • karan

what a joke

  • kemalist_ziya

we have to sewn a new pants which has a large rectangular pocket :) what an absurd phone...

  • ugly

just ugly..nothin that moto flip or x1 mini wanna be? bored nokia..


now dis is classic, i waz so waitin 4 an x5 phone (bigup 2 nokia u rock)

  • Jason

Two Words


  • Anonymous

it's not a smartphone? no cpu or ram specs?

  • deepesh

No tuchscreen!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

why you (gsmarena)give us most of the time reviews about phones with out the most important features(CPU,BATTERY,RAM,MEMORY)...