Nokia X6 16GB (2010)

Nokia X6 16GB (2010)

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Damn, the storage capacity was strong back then.

    • S
    • Super idol
    • t7X
    • 03 Jan 2022

    My first ever touchscreen phone and it still works last december 2021

      • T
      • Thomasso
      • MTf
      • 21 Jul 2020

      I used this smartphone from 2010 up to 2017. Still is working, the battery lasts as long as in 2010. Awesome. The display is not readable on direct sunshine. The 16GB flash memory is more than enough. The speaker is loud and the camera has autofocus. In 2010 it was an excellent phone. The drawback is its low support from application developers and also its power hungry 3G network chip. Because of that you can't use Whatsap daylong. Only emails or any other network based application which doesn't need permanent connection, only scheduled checking of new data or message.

      The phone is still working, I receive calls, watch videos listen to FM radio. Videos should be converted to 360x640 MP4 AVC format. The phone can't play newer MP4 HEVC format.
      Nokia rocks!

        • M
        • Mohamed Yasar Arafat
        • 3Yh
        • 18 Jan 2020

        I used more than 4 years this phone.. one of the amazing camera's phone cannot beat this camera quality

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • sxr
          • 15 Nov 2017

          mine just got broken, luckily I found another one, I really love this phone, more than my iphone.

            • D
            • AnonD-71739
            • 7Xe
            • 09 Aug 2017

            I purchased my nokia x6 last 2010 up to present - 2017 still am using my phone and i really love it, the battery last longer than samsung/ other android phones, the performance working well though i dropped it many times accidentally slip from my pocket or pouch.

              • P
              • Priya
              • gMJ
              • 28 Apr 2017

              Really, I also miss it too much...

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • t7X
                • 05 Sep 2016

                I really miss this phone :(

                  • e
                  • e-sir
                  • r0k
                  • 29 Aug 2016

                  hollow,i have a nokia x6 16gb,but it's body cover has been dameged ,and it has been had for me to get anothe one and i do not want to loose my phone it's more than a phone to me.thank you.

                    • h
                    • hot- dug
                    • 4nH
                    • 11 Mar 2016

                    just got this ned phone nokia X6 and the app store is not installing and won't open, can i get some help

                      • b
                      • bqp786
                      • Hkt
                      • 29 Jan 2016

                      i have a nokia x6 with 16 gb
                      the display works when its heated with 18Watts bulb whats the problem and whats the remidial solution for it pls suggest
                      thanks and best regards

                        • G
                        • Griffin
                        • T49
                        • 04 Dec 2015

                        Anonymous, 07 Feb 2014how can I remove the memory card in the phone nokia X6This phone has no memory card. Its 16gb of integrated memory.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • t7X
                          • 10 Sep 2015

                          i install whatsapp and viber then my data connection was automatically turning on. How can i fix this my battery getting easily drain

                            • l
                            • li-lon
                            • t7X
                            • 04 Sep 2015

                            i own this phone for three years, and this phone was excellent, good camera, fast in internet and have a good battery life.

                              • b
                              • ben
                              • p@9
                              • 23 Jul 2015

                              uttu, 13 Apr 2015hey im thinking to buy nokia x6....some r telng ram is slo... moreDon't buy it. Bad phone!! Always trouble with memory.

                                • H
                                • Harsh
                                • 7kH
                                • 21 Jun 2015

                                John StJohn, 08 May 2015If you wish to consider buying a nokia. Check available upd... moreya man you are right

                                  • J
                                  • John StJohn
                                  • 7X0
                                  • 08 May 2015

                                  uttu, 13 Apr 2015hey im thinking to buy nokia x6....some r telng ram is slo... moreIf you wish to consider buying a nokia. Check available updates first. all Old model nokia phones are losing support. sooner that no this phone will just be for texting and calls. coz all support will be terminated.

                                  I have a nokia 5800 I was suppose to buy this phone next. but previously I have installed skype on my phone when I factory reseted my phone Nokia OVI has stopped now I can't find the skype app that will work on my 5800Xpressmusic.

                                  This is a symbian phone it's junk and worthless now.

                                    • u
                                    • uttu
                                    • uti
                                    • 13 Apr 2015

                                    AnonD-262470, 11 May 2014I have been using the phone since 2010 august and till now ... morehey im thinking to buy nokia x6....some r telng ram is slow some r telling more apps we download it becums more n more slower...can i buy it ir does it have ny pblms like these? please give me corrcect answer

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 7tE
                                      • 14 Mar 2015

                                      amit, 18 Oct 2014is whatsapps works on it.......... its a very gud cellphone whatsapp working in this phone....

                                        • K
                                        • Kemalist1938
                                        • 39P
                                        • 13 Jan 2015

                                        amit, 18 Oct 2014is whatsapps works on it.......... Yes it works