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Nokia XL

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  • elderr kollynxman

this phone needs an upgrade version so we can just update ours.

Awful specs, even for 2014!

  • A

It seems the Nokia XL is bigger than the battery capacity, my battery does't last after full charge, this is the 3rd battery I bought, still no solution, any?

  • Charles

It doesnt download apps

  • Abderrahmane

I've been using this phone for more than 4 years ,it's really solid and well built ,but the Android version in it became very outdated and old (i believe it's android 4.1) and there are no updates at all . Compared to nowadays smartphones specs this phone seems garbige but i still love it

  • Tedd

B, 07 Jul 2018Using since 2014 battery timing 36 hours n standby and 18 hours ... moreDid you mean to say that WhatsApp is not working or your battery review was for WhatsApp and not for browsing?

  • Imran Awais

Ganesh, 07 Sep 2015Hi, friends Nokia XL is the worst phone. This phone does not sup... moreNo, nokia XL supports android apps and it's amazing phone, only the problem is internal memory.

  • B

Using since 2014 battery timing 36 hours n standby and 18 hours with wifi WhatsApp not browsing

  • govinda

I'm using for 3 years, not a single scratch on screen, hard body,

  • ziro brain

i have using this phone for 3yrs phone has broked screen so i dont know the price of tanzania shilings please help me.

  • Anonymous

Poor phone.Does not support one drive.

  • Shakiti

Nice phone...I have been using it since 3years now...good

  • Abdullah Haris

Good hand set osm better timing every thing is ok but hd video not sported and sim 2 is 2G sported
but I using this set from 3 Years I think it is a good safe set in low price

  • iPhone user

This is amazing and one of the best devices that I have about 3 years.. While I had iPhone 5 and 6 too in the same time.
iPhone is just nothing in compare with this Nokia.

  • smokey

very very very bad phone.

  • chris

my xl doesn't support messenger..

  • AnonD-708788

How do I get it back from Russian to Danish/English language?

  • AnonD-702638

why my nokia xl cannt download a messenger

  • Anonymous

I am useiing nokia 3..
not get any problem

  • Nani

I have been using this phone since 3 years. it's awesome, good battery and fine performance. love it :-)