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much ado about NOTHING? specs-wise and form-wise very similar to last year's Xiaomi 11 lite 5G NE.

    Ordinary, reiterative, ugly.

    Just a social media magnification.

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      • Wajed
      • upi
      • 20 hours ago

      As per my self use this phone feeling is not different only difference back side LED lights

      Same as regular Android phones not the special facilities

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        • AlexP
        • k7k
        • 07 Aug 2022

        Wide brick

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          • P$6
          • 06 Aug 2022

          As a smartphone engineer after reviewing so much complaints of the CUSTOMERS there is NOTHING LEFT to say regarding this phone apart from its huge PRICE.

            Honey, 06 Aug 2022How do you know it is paid?Idk I guess really detailed comments made by anonymous and newly made accounts isn't suspicious enough

              VoxRoyal, 06 Aug 2022Already bought black version. Premium quality compared to ... more"For good quality phones", just quoting your words lol

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                • Honey
                • t7X
                • 06 Aug 2022

                Anonymous, 05 Aug 2022Really tired of these paid reviews.How do you know it is paid?

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                  • VoxRoyal
                  • gIr
                  • 06 Aug 2022

                  Already bought black version. Premium quality compared to most android phones.... Great price, good performance. Finally I don't need to spend 1-2k eur for good quality phone. Highly recommend.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • a0V
                    • 05 Aug 2022

                    SagarBhatia, 05 Aug 2022I'm using this phone (8gb, 256 gb) since 3 days now an... moreReally tired of these paid reviews.

                      I'm using this phone (8gb, 256 gb) since 3 days now and here is my initial review. FYI, my last 2 phones were oneplus 7 and OnePlus 7T. (8gb, 128 gb)

                      Nothing Phone looks and feels far more superior than OnePlus..It actually feels like a big iPhone 5s, which in my opinion, is the peak of apple mobile design.

                      Glyph interface is good and feels different, overall opinion on its practicality is subjective but it does feel exciting atleast initially..with subsequent updates, let's see how it can be made more relevant..

                      Speaking of the software, it is nearly stalk Android, Nothing should have borrowed a few convenient features from oxygen OS (Oneplus) but they haven't, there are a few things I miss, but these are extra utility features, again subject to personal preferences. For example, from the quick access pop down bar, I cant enable or disable Bluetooth, wifi etc with just a touch. Instead, on nothing, it opens it and you'd have to then choose what you wanna do..there is no screen gesture control for taking a screenshot, or turning on the torch..these are the things I miss from my OnePlus experience..

                      Performance wise, unless you're obsessed with beast performance, you will not notice any difference, in 99% of situations, the phone is just as fast as OnePlus (Real racing by EA games plays just as well on nothing as it did on 7T). That said, let me remind you 7T has a superior processor than Nothing but as I said, difference is negligible, but I won't say it doesn't exist..One thing is for sure though, you won't notice any lag what so ever that one does on Samsung phones..

                      Camera has never been my priority, every brand has nearly perfected it so I don't know if I have anything to add..Nothing has a better display than OnePlus 7T for sure though..
                      Overall, it is the most premium feeling Android phone I've ever used, in terms of a first attempt, nothing is much, much, much better than Oneplus' first attempt at making a phone..just a couple of updates later, Nothing would be a perfect phone, a STEAL at this price point..

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                        • Iamag
                        • K1F
                        • 05 Aug 2022

                        How to update android 13 to all android phone even ios?

                          Just saw Jerryrigeverything durability test on this phone and honestly i can say is awesome phone for its price.

                            Alex, 04 Aug 2022"without any second thoughts", right, "don&#... moreDoes telling your opinion comes to commercial advertising? Lol.
                            Iam recommending this phone based on my user experience.
                            If am violating any rules GSMArena or the mod will take care of it.
                            Chill plzz

                              Anonymous, 04 Aug 2022You sure about haptics? I read one review which said they&#... moreYes I'm sure
                              There very good

                                I purchased this phone 2 days ago online and its been shipped to me today and now I find tha it doesn't support esim :(

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                                  • Alex
                                  • qC@
                                  • 04 Aug 2022

                                  bsk248, 03 Aug 2022My review of Nothing phone-1 Been using for the past 2week... more"without any second thoughts", right, "don't think", "ignore bad reviews", all the usual stuff.
                                  I have a second thought: do they pay by word or by article?
                                  And a third one, about violating this forum rules that prohibit commercial advertising.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • a0V
                                    • 04 Aug 2022

                                    bsk248, 03 Aug 2022My review of Nothing phone-1 Been using for the past 2week... moreYou sure about haptics? I read one review which said they're weak and mushy.

                                      notafanboy, 02 Aug 2022Because there's no point in discussing eBay prices. Th... moreNo it’s not. And you should’ve said where did you get the price info from in the first place.

                                        Anonymous, 04 Aug 2022How did you find the audio quality? Was it as bad as mentio... moreOut speaker is below average, i have been using BT headsets, and Poweramp with custom settings sounded above average nothing that bad what GSMARENA mentioning. maybe iam not that of an audiophile.