Nothing Phone (2a) test unit leaks with photos and alleged specs

Victor, 17 December 2023

If rumors are to be believed, the Nothing Phone (2a) is the next device to expect from the company and as per the latest official teaser its unveiling is right around the corner. However, we still don't know a whole lot about the device and its design. As per a recent leak, the phone will use a MediaTek Dimensity 7200 chipset, and it's back will have a whole new design different from other Nothing models with a three-glyph styling.

Nothing Phone (2a)
Nothing Phone (2a)

Now we have a fresh new leak that actually shows a device in the wild in a couple of photos. We are looking at a PVT unit, which stands for "Production Validation Test," – a small initial manufacturing batch meant to validate and verify that the manufacturing processes are working correctly and that the devices meet the required specifications and quality standards. It is typical to see such early units inside a large external case meant specifically to hide their design, which is exactly the situation here.

Even so, we can clearly make out the horizontal camera arrangement on the back, unlike any other Nothing Phone. Suppose the rest of the available info from the source is to be trusted. In that case, the Nothing Phone (2a) will have a 6.7-inch, 120Hz OLED display, the aforementioned Dimensity 7200 chipset, paired with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage (other memory variants might exist as well). There also seem to be two 50MP rear cameras, like on the Nothing Phone 2, but a 16MP selfie cam. The phone also appears to ship with Nothing OS 2.5 and Android 14. Do take some of these details with a grain of salt, though, since the About screen on the phone also lists 1,000 mAh worth of battery capacity, which is clearly wrong.

Anyway, the source also claims that we can expect a Nothing Phone (2a) unveiling at MWC (February 2024) for an MSRP of around $400.



Reader comments

Official Nothing resellers now sell the Nothing 1 for $399.

then go buy that android phone. It's your money and your choice, nobody's forcing you to buy it

Post discount it will be cheaper than phone 2, making a nothing phone available in a lower price range

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