Nothing starts rolling out a stable Android 13 update for the Phone (1)

A month ago the Nothing Phone (1) received its second Android 13 beta but now the testing period is over. Nothing OS 1.5.2 is already rolling out and it includes a stable build of Android 13 a swell as the January 2023 security patch.

Note that Nothing is yet to detail the rollout schedule for this stable release. Right now it looks like only participants in the beta program are getting the new version. That said, unless unexpected issues crop up, the release should expand to cover all Nothing Phone users.

If you were on the latest public beta, this will be a fairly small update that weighs only 157MB. Below is a screenshot of the changelog for v1.5 of Nothing OS:

Changelog for the stable release of Nothing OS 1.5

Founder Carl Pei tweeted that battery life has improved significantly with v1.5. According to the changelog, standby power consumption has been reduced in half.

He credits the improved software quality to having an in-house team to develop Nothing OS (and it’s a team that previously worked on Oxygen OS for OnePlus). Earlier, Pei shared that Nothing started with only 5 engineers on the mobile team, so the first version of Nothing OS had to be outsourced. Nothing now has a team of 100 working on the OS.

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  • G

He just keeps yapping the same things over and over again, there is no article regarding NP he hasn't posted the same bull. Posting rules say "no trolling and no bashing"... yet, he is the true master of it.

  • Az

You are things that have not been seen on premium phones for over a decade and expect them to be on this phone? The whole package for the price is incredible and I have no problem with the 778G+ is a great performer and on par with my last phones 855...

  • Az

Yes I have the update in the UK from the beta. Really happy with the overall experience, feels MUCH quicker than 1.8.1