Nothing teaser hints at Ear (3) arrival

Michail, 27 March 2024

Nothing Ear (1) was Nothing Tech’ very first product when it launched back in 2021 and was quickly followed by the Ear Stick and Ear (2) a year later. We now have our first teaser for the upcoming Nothing Ear (3) which is set to be the next generation of wireless earbuds from the brand. Nothing is using a frog for the Ear (3) mascot as the teaser video shows it leaping over a beetle which was coincidently the Ear (2) mascot.

We still don’t have any other details for the Nothing Ear (3) so we’ll have to wait for more teasers from Nothing to fill us in. We can expect the new earbuds to retain the translucent look of their predecessors.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 28 Mar 2024
  • Rd}

The frog is ear(3) ... it's really not hard to understand. The frog represents ear(3) leaping over ear(2) in terms of tech etc.. Jeez louise!

Wait so they litterary have as many headphones as they have phones?

Nothing are good on PR and hype. But they are also good to get out the products fast when they are launched. And thats a important aspect to.

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