Nothing will make an announcement on April 1

Enrique, 31 March 2022

Last week, Nothing held a press event where it made a few announcements about the brand’s roadmap and teased some details about Nothing’s phone (1). Today, the company tweeted that it will be holding an announcement tomorrow, April 1.

Last week, the company announced that it was preparing its first smartphone aimed at being a “breath of fresh air to the sleepy smartphone industry”. During the announcement, Nothing founder Carl Pei also mentioned that Nothing intends to create a kind of open ecosystem meant to compete with other ecosystems that lock the user into their lineup of products.

We know that Nothing plans to use a Qualcomm chipset on the phone (1), likely the flagship one that’s available when the phone is being manufactured. Otherwise, there aren’t any actual specifications offered, but that may change tomorrow when Nothing makes its “(1) more thing” announcement.

Nothing phone (1) design teaser
Nothing phone (1) design teaser

It was confirmed that the Nothing phone (1) would be released sometime over the summer. It was also noted that three years of OS updates, plus four years of security updates are guaranteed for the phone.

The Nothing Launcher will be arriving next month, so perhaps the announcement could be related to that. This will give some Android users a chance to feel the vibe that Nothing hopes to pull off on the phone (1), complete with a dot-matrix font.

Nothing phone (1) coming later this summer, Nothing OS Launcher arriving in April

April 1 is normally a date when brands and companies made light-hearted joke announcements about either non-existent products or make up ridiculous policies for fun. Perhaps Nothing plans to make a real announcement to break through the noise on a day otherwise reserved for cheeky jokes and fake announcements.

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  • T4techdroid
  • 29 Apr 2022
  • u14

April 1 yeah! April fool! Nothing 1

  • Carol
  • 08 Apr 2022
  • 3td

You're confused and know pretty much nothing about how business work. As for hmd, as faa as i can see they are doing great actually, and have realast some grat midragers with great support. And nope, "flagship killer" is not the ...

  • 05 Apr 2022
  • x1Y

every one that cares about personal info

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