nubia outs Red Magic gaming brand

Vlad, 10 April 2018

Not to be outdone by the soon to be announced Xiaomi-backed Black Shark gaming device, ZTE sub-brand nubia is unveiling a gaming-related sub-brand of its own. It's called Red Magic and the company has sent us the teaser image you can see below.

With nubia's support, Red Magic is preparing to launch an entire line of products that "provide a more complete gaming experience for the masses", whatever that means.

Red Magic claims that it's put "all possible specs under the microscope" before it went about creating its first smartphone. The end result of its efforts should be "a product to bring all gamers - casual and competitive - together".

The image above is said to be "a glimpse of the real thing", which will be launching across the world very soon.

After Razer entered the smartphone realm with its eponymous device, this niche has started to heat up. And it looks like Black Shark will soon have a direct competitor. So Red Magic is definitely not the first to come up with such a pitch, but let's wait and see what its execution will be like.


Reader comments

  • Rokolio
  • 16 Apr 2018
  • LC8

Sony should take the Vita hardware which already support touchscreen interfaces and make it a gaming console with phone capabilities. not even running android I would buy it if the allow us to use which ever controller we want or if they launch contr...

  • AnonD-430043
  • 12 Apr 2018
  • Ki0

i wish 'gaming' phone would have proper/superior cooling, bigger battery, good speakers, a bit thicker is fine, basically just what they did on laptop segment(ultrabook vs gaming laptop). it doesn't have to be very high-quality camera or screen,...

  • Starsplash
  • 12 Apr 2018
  • StU

Maybe next Asus will annouce ROG gaming phone. Then maybe MSI will announce a gaming phone. Razor gaming phone first then the Xiaomi black shark and now zte sub brand nubia. Who's next? Sony Xperia playstation phone. Maybe this the start...

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