nubia Red Magic 3 will have a 90Hz screen, built-in fan to cool the S855 chipset

Peter, 23 April 2019

The nubia Red Magic 3 will have a 90Hz screen (those are becoming popular, huh?). The brand teased a refresh rate “higher than most gaming PCs”, which is technically true – most people still have 60Hz monitors.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can switch the phone to 60Hz mode, which will prolong battery life. The top option is “automatic”, so presumably it will switch to 90Hz only when needed (keep in mind that few games support high refresh rates, Fortnite getting a 60fps mode was big news).

The nubia Red Magic 3 will have active cooling – an actual fan inside the phone. Leakster @rquandt says that you can hear it when it turns on to cool the Snapdragon 855 chipset. We can’t wait to see how that affects performance (especially sustained performance).

Previously, we tested the Asus ROG Phone, which has an add-on with an external fan, which certainly helped stabilize frame rate during long gaming sessions.

Anyway, the Red Magic 3 is expected to be unveiled on April 28 and should be available globally in May.



Reader comments

Welcome to the gimmick world, having 90hz screen is as useless as having 4k one on your mobile device :)

  • Anonymous

No. It's an adaptive display rate setting. 60hz when not gaming and 90 hz when gaming.

  • Looking for a new sm

Will it be available in the US?

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