nubia Z60 Ultra battery life test

Ivan, 27 January 2024

We're done testing the battery life of the nubia Z60 Ultra. It scored a solid 16 hours in our active use score, which breaks down in 30 hours of calls, 13 hours of browsing, nearly 21 hours of video playback, and nearly 11 hours of gaming.

The gaming number is among the most impressive we've seen, only really bested by the Z60 Ultra's stablemate nubia Red Magic 9 Pro, another Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 phone, but one with nearly 10% more battery at 6,500mAh.

The nubia Z60 Ultra did well in the web browsing too, although it didn't top the charts there. Its 13 hours are more than the vivo X100 Pro's, and Oppo Find X7 Ultra's, but are less than the OnePlus 12's 14 hours and 39 minutes - that's from a phone with 600mAh less.

Still, the nubia Z60 Ultra has superb endurance, as you'd expect and it recharges pretty quickly too thanks to its 80W charging.


Reader comments

*cue "one month later" spongebob scene*

How many weeks does it take y'all to complete a review?

Bro since beggining of touch screen phones had only chinese ones from many brands, Huawei, Lenovo, 2 times Motorola, Xiaomi. Mostly a high end midranger. Now having Motorola edge 40 pro for 789 euros no probles or issues with software, When ...

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