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  • cadejo
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  • 02 Jul 2018

Hello everyone.
This tablet is amazing. I do love it.
It is for gamers but in my case, I use it for other issues and it works very well.
I fully recomend it.
I hope nvidia will give a new model soon

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    • AnonD-506819
    • LDd
    • 11 Apr 2018

    I bought this tablet in 2016, and still is amazing how it works with real competitive games like PUBG mobile, or Vainglory, the sound and the display are perfect. For now still amazing gaming tablet

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      • AnonD-572776
      • pXJ
      • 18 Jun 2017

      This tablet is awesome, i bought it in 2014.
      It had some issues at launch, nvidia replaced mine but now its rock solid.

      Its 2017, had android 4.4 at launch but now has the second update of Android nougat 7 (!) not even my nexus 5 had so many updates!
      Not to mention full compatibility with dualshock 4 and alot of other cool stuff.

      I hope nvidia releases shield tablet 2, i could not care less of shield TVs and such.

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        • Anonymous
        • n@g
        • 29 Apr 2017

        Exinos, 22 Mar 2017It has a micro HDMI port located at the top of the product ... moreIt's actually miniHDMI.

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          • Exinos
          • F9q
          • 22 Mar 2017

          I have owned this tablet for at least a year, it is the best tablet i have ever used. It is compatible with Nvidia Graphics cards allowing you to stream your PC games over WI-FI which is an amazing feature. There is also a subscription service where you can stream recent game releases over WI-FI. It is still been updated and has recently updated to Android Nougat. Not had a single issue with the system and runs smooth as butter. Best £300 i ever spent!!

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            • Exinos
            • F9q
            • 22 Mar 2017

            DeathBrand, 23 Jan 2017Is the hdmi a output or input?It has a micro HDMI port located at the top of the product and that will allow you to use "Console Mode" and use a tv as the screen

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              • DeathBrand
              • MLx
              • 23 Jan 2017

              Is the hdmi a output or input?

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                • Lo
                • iAx
                • 26 Nov 2016

                I saw that there is a controller for the k1. Does this controles also work on the directstylus? Can I use my ps4 controleren too?

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                  • Shield 1
                  • nB{
                  • 29 Oct 2016

                  AnonD-597537, 14 Oct 2016all games can run in it without stopping????? Yes it can. It's still one of the best (game)tablets today.

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                    • AnonD-597537
                    • 2SV
                    • 14 Oct 2016

                    GSAMUniverse, 23 Aug 2016i have the old shield tablet running mm and it's still the ... moreall games can run in it without stopping?????

                      i have the old shield tablet running mm and it's still the best tablet ever.

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                        • Tunnel Rat
                        • PWD
                        • 21 Aug 2016

                        Anonymous, 25 Jan 2015too good for a gaming tablet but i think to give better scr... moreI bet your partner agrees

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                          • t7X
                          • 13 May 2016

                          Anonymous, 11 May 2016I have the SHIELD running Android 6.0 running flawlessly, v... moreIs your nvidia the older version or the new? Just want to know if the older version can be upgraded to marshmallow.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 3qe
                            • 11 May 2016

                            I have the SHIELD running Android 6.0 running flawlessly, very smooth and reliable tab with decent battery life (entire day of heavy gaming usage, 6h SoT). Still worth my money.
                            Also speakers are awesome.

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                              • yeahright
                              • nC{
                              • 26 Apr 2016

                              AnonD-447278, 03 Oct 2015DANGER! This tablet has been recalled due to a potential fi... morewarning ... some detractor of that tablet warns other user about minor issues, yep some model had batteries issue and were "fire hazard", seriously ... mine was in the batch, altho under Zombipop so no killswitch almost 1,5 years without any issue nor overheating (on opposite to my MiPad and Nexus 9...) also Nvidia replaced my "dangerous but still working perfectly fine" 1st Shield Tablet by a brand new one sealed, not a refurb like some stated they got, and only 16 days wait time (U.S. => Switzerland)

                              the Shield and Shield K1 are 2 of the best tablet around at a unparalleled price ... bashing those is only nonsense.

                              not even the current tab gen is reaching the knees of the Shield Tablet, funny? eh? as i said even the MiPad (the version that use the Tegra K1 64) or the Nexus 9 (TK1 64 too) beat it... (poor design overheating etc etc etc ) ofc those are good tab but as i tested all 3 i stayed with the Shield ...

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                                • Random dude
                                • qb$
                                • 16 Jan 2016

                                AnonD-87819, 21 May 2015Can you see the digitilizer grid on your Shield Tablet?, Sp... moreYou can see the screen grid when shut off but not so bad it makes you cry.

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                                  • U2h
                                  • 21 Dec 2015

                                  Liar One, 14 Nov 2015To all the nvidia shield tablet user : Anybody tested dra... moreI am replying this message from my shield
                                  Drawing is pretty good mainly because the tip is tilted & you can have the thickness yoy need

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                                    • Liar One
                                    • PTG
                                    • 14 Nov 2015

                                    To all the nvidia shield tablet user :
                                    Anybody tested drawing or sketching on the other device (sony, samsung, htc...) using the directstylus from the nvidia shield tablet. And how is the result? Is it respond to the screen? because I am only interested on the directstylus. Please help me test it. Thanks in advance :)

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                                      • AnonD-448980
                                      • Irw
                                      • 07 Oct 2015

                                      The recall is for a version of the battery in SOME models. The battery is no longer used and free RMAs were issued. New models should not be a fire hazard. I'm more worried about my toaster catching fire than my Shield Tab.

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                                        • AnonD-447278
                                        • 4yM
                                        • 03 Oct 2015

                                        DANGER! This tablet has been recalled due to a potential fire hazard. The battery can overheat, leading to this very case of danger. It is recommended to stay away from this tablet and go with the normal ones.