O2 Germany debuts XDA Guide, navigation is the game

18 Dec, 2008

O2 Germany announced today the latest addition to the XDA line. The newcomer walks in the footsteps of the popular O2 XDA Orbit 2 but seems more like based on the HTC Touch 3G. Now, that and the Guide moniker make it an all too easy guess - its strongest asset is GPS navigation.

XDA Guide comes with built-in GPS, TomTom Navigator 7 and maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A car kit in the package - mount holder and charger - leaves no doubt the newbie means business. And the niceties don`t end there.

The WinMo 6.1 powered uses a 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7225 processor and 256 MB of RAM. There is also 512 MB of ROM on board, that's microSD expandable.

Built by HTC (think Touch 3G), the Guide has the sweet TouchFLO ready to roll on the 2.8" QVGA touchscreen. The XDA Guide also sports HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (2.0 and A2DP). Preinstalled is the Opera Mobile 9.5 browser.

Among the most interesting features of the new O2 XDA Guide are the footprint function and the dedicated footprint button. The footprint feature lets you send pictures taken with the built-in 3.2 megapixel snapper along with positioning data. On a compatible device, the pictures can be used for navigation. Whoever received them will be able to navigate to the photographed location by a single click.

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O2 XDA Guide

The O2 XDA Guide is about to start shipping by mid-February 2009, price tag still unknown.


Reader comments

  • ko lau

It's like cruise?

  • Khoa

I think O2 XDA Guide is looked like O2 Orbit II and if O2 doesn't change their design, no consumer buys it.

  • faiz iola

.....??????? i dont know but it looks like a chinees phone!!