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O2 X7

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  • santino

in response to the comment above o2 does make phones i work in o2 and we have our own brand of phones... they just arent as popular as nokia or samsung

  • Anonymous

Isnt that a samsung s400i?

  • Andy

Did this phone even make the shops? lol.

  • Anonymous

Are you people not aware that o2 are a NETWORK provider not a phone manafacturer???

They dont have a design team or a manafacturing department they provide service and airtime!

  • foneboi

How's about telling some at o2 to 'steal' and re-badge a half decent phone

  • E - UNIT!

indeed - as i'm an o2 technical help desk advisor - o2 simply nick designs and badge them as o2 - simply look @ any XDA and you will notice it says that it is manufactored (most likely) by HTC

in short - o2 steal and rebrand to their own benefit

personally i hate XDA's and all o2 handsets - so i think they all suck

but thats me - i have my reasons - and every1 is intitled to their own thoughts and opinions


  • Sean Bean

Cowboy, if you work for O2 then you know we don't actually manufacture ourselves, we only badge products.

  • cowboy

I work for o2 and i agree with the ppl that hate this fone, they shud carry on just dealing with the fones they are given rathere than manufacturing for themselves they don`t seem to have a clue, exception on sum ov d XDA range.

  • Lowie

i bought it for 350 euro and i'm glad i bought it

  • Ice drop

7 MB internal memory..and dats it. u gotta be kiddin' rite ?

  • Anonymous

Has anyone in the UK bought this yet? I have been waiting for it to come out to see what people think of it but I cant find it to buy anywhere.

  • XxX

this phone is prity good! And i'm glad that i bot it! it has alot of good stuf!

  • A

This phone is not for the uk market

  • jamie

i think they couid make the looks alot beter it is ok i would nt buy becuse of its looks ive got the o2x1i the rating isnt gd for i think o2 could do beter whith the phone,s looks

  • ryan

It has all of the features of the samsung e800 which was lauched a year ago. So hardly something left off from the 90's.

  • Joe

I have to admit that I am shocked with this product. We go from the XM (Intel first) to this X7...... maybe O2 have lost the plot (the marketing team have).

Im sure they have a reason

  • TheGman

If this is all true, then it's unbelievable. I work for O2, and not since the debacle of the X1 have I felt so disgusted by a phone. What is the point in this?! Surely by now they'd have at least tried to make a competitive handset *sigh* do us all a favour O2, have a rethink...

  • 1in6430million

no bluetooth, no edge, no wifi, no expansion slot.... what is this thing, leftover from the 90's?

  • kk

no bluetooth ??????????????

  • Anonymous

this phone is quite alot smaller then the samsung d500, the screen is also considerebly smaller