O2 XDA Atom

O2 XDA Atom

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  • Cah Ngluyu

The best pda in 2005
I Like this

  • wizzle

pls how do i change the language from german to english,also how do i update the windows or install android...pls answer me

  • zahid mattoo

how does this phone is turned switch off i dont know please tell me

  • amir sofyan hadi

whear customer in jakarta

  • mantu

San, 10 Jan 2012Ungently need the battery where shall I buy it.indarprast mall borival west

  • Khorn

Sameer, 26 Jan 2012Pleas asked me how formated that mobile.you can format O2XDA Atom by:
open it and hold switch the top buttom (Power bottom) with reset bottom and follow it.

  • sasikumar

i using o2 atom mobil microphone problem not working where i get or any other microphone shut my mobile???

Plz help me

  • nick

my 02xda lcd is broken help me where can i buy

  • Sameer

Pleas asked me how formated that mobile.

  • San

MUZAKKAR, 26 Oct 2011can anybody tell me where can i get a battery for my o2 xda... moreUngently need the battery where shall I buy it.

  • boem

mic and battery o2 xda atom is broken
can be fixed approximately where?


can anybody tell me where can i get a battery for my o2 xda atom mobile.please kindly post me.


can ny one reply...this phone is facility for anroid..means can we work to read jpg/or other files in email..nd its possibile to adit nd change...means as a computer purpose is good or simple

  • AnonD-14268

for running android on o2 atom..
check this out!


  • AnonD-12491

Please check your phone on the USB Conector Charger, wich the conector just finished the longer/ conector jumper is be lost. please replace the mini usb conector on your O2 Atom. It's sure the O2 can be charge full again...

  • Bowo

Your problem same with is my problem. where the My Phone can't full charge and the led red ligt is on.
But's now My O2 Atom is ok this phone can be charge again.
Prosedure: Please check the "Conector Charge" "USB mini" the jumper conector in the phone is lose. please replace the mini USB conector in your O2 Atom.
is sure any time can be charge again.

  • Anonymous

This phone is awesome, I have tomtom on mine and I love it!

  • watchersnplayers

Richie, 04 May 2011I can send you o2 battery for only $50will you be able to trage for 15£ if original

  • Anonymous

I can't charge my O2 atom. The charging light is on while charging but after half and hour, the phone won't turn on. Is it the charger or the phone problem? Can some1 please help? AA

  • dcd

Battery life is so poor. always phone is dead. dont try for this.