O2 XDA Atom Life

O2 XDA Atom Life

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  • Ian

Oh my, I miss this phone sooo much....

  • ray

ah so much memory when i using this phone

  • Bibek

How to reset mwg 5

  • yup

Puggybear, 10 Apr 2018Yes,people certainly DO 'still use this device'! When it's... moreThere's one sitting on my table.
Its been 12 yrs.

  • Puggybear

Yes,people certainly DO 'still use this device'!
When it's simple to use,amazingly robust,has a three-day battery life [between charges] holds easily 140 contact numbers,acts as a 'tomtom' AND fits easily into your pocket....suddenly,you realise that a £1200 iPhone X does nothing you need...it just things that are fun-well,until next year,when it'll be outmoded and the battery will start to mysteriously not fully charge...my old coal-fired,steam-driven,clockwork 'vintage' Orbit is STILL chugging along,STILL holding a 3-day charge,STILL perfectly audible in noisy surroundings....and best of all,the reason I bought it is still valid...i.e; it WORKS! Rock on!!!

Does anyone still use this device?

  • veera

andreas bambang isma, 05 Feb 2013where do I can buy the buttery? I need the address especial... moreorder the baterry in ebay

  • Anonymous

dear sir;
i need a battery model xp-09; please clarify how it possible to buy in IRAN.

Best regards

  • Dinesh

erythrina, 26 Jun 2013i need new baterrysearch it in ebay, i ordered before 2 weeks

  • erythrina

i need new baterry

  • andreas bambang isma

where do I can buy the buttery? I need the address especially in Indonesia

  • ss

my o2 battery is proplem. spare please

  • aslambhatti

i m haveing problem battry is not charging

  • rebel

vasu, 19 Apr 2012long time try to battery not available were available?Batteries are available in only site where i bought one which is working fine until now.here iam giving you the link to the site.


  • srnNTB

Its a brilliant PDA phone I ever had (until now). The only problem is HOW TO UPDATE THE PROGRAM etc (I bought battery from the internet order, its nice; and the charger I use is from the other brand of HP).

  • vasu

AnonD-46138, 12 Mar 2012i need batery long time try to battery not available were available?

  • muhsin

whats the price of the display?

  • AnonD-46138

i need batery

  • what is the sowfware


  • meLvyn

GOPAL, 09 Dec 2011where can bay batery o2 xda atomDon't bother. It is a piece of junk. Bought it when it was first released. Hated it. Now using SGS2. much better.