O2 XDA Exec

O2 XDA Exec

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  • Georges

I just dug mine after years in storage. Amazingly battery still working. it booted and network is working, I just need a sim card now. I love this phone, ancient but cute,

  • Jacky

I have O2 XDA . I needs battery for that

  • Larryjoojo

I have one of the phone I need the battery

i have one of this 02 xda exec so any one can there can help me to get the battery of this mobile

  • dev

i have old one and need the battery of this can any one help me

  • theperson50

This device actually does have a 3.5mm headphone jack

I had one of these when they first came out. Being in the US it was a bit tricky to get it working properly. You use to have to download ROM's and radios that worked best for you, sounds like a PITA but that was part of the charm.

  • siddu

Is there any possibility to buy this phone?


how do update my phone ? xda exec

  • vin

Win, 18 May 2015I have one since 2010 but now it is no power. Any idea?change into new battery

  • Max

I still have this phone just for the sake of old times, and it still works like a charm. I find it quite funny that the Samsung Galaxy S I purchased way after this phone stopped working but this phone works on like a boss.

  • AlexanderDjan

alexandermensahmbiah, 05 Mar 2014where can I get screen cord. it very good,but I in needof a cord.

  • Win

I have one since 2010 but now it is no power. Any idea?

  • Besharat

I need a htc mobile low price and best net speed from jampur

  • alexandermensahmbiah

where can I get screen cord.

  • Anonymous

psalmsons, 24 Oct 2013hi felllas, av been usin this fone for a while now and its ... moreAre you all still using sda exec. I have one in perfect working order from 2005

  • psalmsons

hi felllas, av been usin this fone for a while now and its a very good fone but my challenge is the screen, pls kindly hook me up with how to get d screen on psalmsons@yahoo.com, i will be expecting, tanx.

  • bryan

where can i get a replacement screen?

  • Anonymous

i have a screen problem with my 02 xda exec pls can someone tell me to get the screen

  • Mukhtar Bala

I have problem wit my screen.can somebody help me to where i can find it or buy.