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O2 XDA Guide

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  • peter
  • 0Fk
  • 18 Jan 2010

They seem to have made a better xda orbit 2 so I will get it when they dicide to sell me one

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    • Anonymous
    • Sgv
    • 04 Nov 2009

    great tool! all round performance . big finger people will struggle with the virtual key pad (have to use stylus for texting).
    browsing great, push email great, fast data and a very good phone.
    only neg point..... charges way to slow.(car charger quicker)
    built in sat nav ,gps,and iphone style swipe control.

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      • Anonymous
      • uH$
      • 02 Nov 2009

      I just wanna clarify. How can it have finger-swipe motion when it has a resistive touchscreen?

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        • chris
        • mpN
        • 07 Oct 2009

        right, i have just ordered this phone because i liked the orbit 2, yes you think this is stupid but people go to what they are used to and liked,. which is why i have choose this,.

        and this is the same phone as the HTC version apart from o2 have put in some extras for the users,. i will am looking forward to gettin this phone and well i can't see me been disappointed with what i get as other people have said,. it serves it purpose as a mobile phone,. rings and texts,. and probs has a decent camera on.

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          • warrior
          • 3Jg
          • 25 Sep 2009

          had this phone for a few months now and have enjoyed every second of it . it should of been called the xda orbit 3 really but hey its only a name. having had the orbit 1 and 2 and now this the guide i can see the inprovements they have made to each model and it shows that o2 are wacthing or listernig to there custemers.there are still some slight changes that need to be made like a more powerful camera with a flash ,a chance to move on up to windoows mobile 6.5 or 7 when it comes out and last but not least for co.pilot 8 to be on the handset insted of 7. but these things are nothing really big . like me xda guide phone and would recommend it to anyone cause i think that it one of the best phones on the market for what it does and for how it looks. 9/10

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            • jmr
            • 3xX
            • 04 Sep 2009

            will we be getting a free windows 6.5 upgrade on the O2 XDA Guide?

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              • Anonymous
              • Sgv
              • 13 Aug 2009

              excellent tool (Def 9/10 for business use)
              only drawback i found was the lack of a keyboard (as my fingers a bit too big to text on virtual on in screen). FAST, GREAT APPS, SIMILAR LOOK AND FEEL TO THE IPHONE. charges alittle slow but lasts well.
              great sound on calls, good stereo image and seperation with music on headset. needed a flash for camera but in very good light pictures are good. all my old PPC apps work (thankfully) and i am running the co-pilot and tom tom at the same time (so great for a test) i am a tom tom fan but co-pilot works very well.
              touch flo system works very well.

                • K
                • Kalle
                • 3GG
                • 07 Aug 2009

                ROBD, 23 Jun 2009had this phone for over a year now, sat nav service co pilo... moreNo you have not had this phone(Guide) for a year...Its only just been available recently in UK! Maybe you are talking about the Orbit I or II? Anyway, re the Co-Pilot satnav software, its excellent. Have used the last two versions on the XDA Orbits and its been great. However, you need to setup your phone & software correctly!!

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                  • Anonymous
                  • mVi
                  • 26 Jul 2009

                  ROBD, 23 Jun 2009had this phone for over a year now, sat nav service co pilo... morehaha thats a good one the ohine is practiclly not even in the stores

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                    • Anonymous
                    • q{W
                    • 29 Jun 2009

                    nice phone

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                      • ROBD
                      • MIa
                      • 23 Jun 2009

                      had this phone for over a year now, sat nav service co pilot hardly works and incomparison to 'basic' sat nav in car..... its awful.
                      the back light when on full display indoors is only just readable (outdoors in the sun =impossible to see) your basically guessing the space you think unlock is!
                      the camera is also poor, 3.o meg (not bad for a phone) but does come up to scratch.
                      the web bolt on was going to be the plus on choosing this but this was sooooo slow and poor on connecting, over all this phone was a big dissapointment and came with alot of hype too.
                      it has a few +ve though, the screen (when unlocked) is very easy to use and large and the centre dial is useful when not using the'prodder'.
                      i suppose it has a lot of extras like office mobile etc. but it seems to me they have crammed alot in something that cant quite cope with it?

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                        • henningras@gmail.com
                        • 3HL
                        • 31 May 2009

                        STELLA, 03 Apr 2009good............network is bad,,,,,,,...tyr this & face problemsStella,

                        I depends where you are in the UK. I'm in the UK and have NO problems here with O2. Doesn't matter what what phone I used.

                        Just get the settings right from the start and use the Automatic settings in the device. I have the Orbit 2 and Iphone, no probs at all.



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                          • Henry
                          • q8G
                          • 25 May 2009

                          Hey isnt this the same as the HTC Touch Cruise 2009?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • n$f
                            • 20 May 2009

                            O2 are a fantastic network - the best - and these are quality handsets

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                              • Anonymous
                              • T30
                              • 03 Apr 2009

                              stella how is the network bad best network in the uk

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                                • STELLA
                                • w43
                                • 03 Apr 2009

                                good............network is bad,,,,,,,...tyr this & face problems

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                                  • amoonaser
                                  • St}
                                  • 10 Mar 2009

                                  it`s design is so cool . i love it .

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                                    • for - hamid (iran)
                                    • PSg
                                    • 19 Feb 2009

                                    dude, " Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct." in case you didn't see what was written on the page

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                                      • ido ccbdg
                                      • Pxi
                                      • 15 Feb 2009

                                      i love the design its very smooth

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • mrE
                                        • 06 Feb 2009

                                        No, it is based on the Touch Cruise 09, not the orbit 2. Basically the new orbit 2... Perhaps should be named orbit 3.