O2 XDA II mini

O2 XDA II mini

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  • dinie90

this phone got mp3 ringtone?

  • emon

help plz... were can i get user manual for O2 xda mini pocket pc???


  • mende

Hi everybody. I have problem with my PocketPC XDA II mini. I have windows mobile 2003 on german language. Can somebody help me to change the language on english because I'm not good in german. Thanks in advance

  • Dinesh

My XDA II mini, not responding with stylus however would be able to use the conatcts, dialled nos, with the key option, whether the machine is hung or do i need to reload the OS, pls suggest ...

  • Jackson

I've been using a mini now for 2 years and it's amazing!!! My battery life when i got the phone, usually had a life of around five days. Now two years on it still manages to give me three days worth of use. It's metal finish is also very trendy, i still amaze my friends when they see it and it leaves them looking at their phones they aquired a couple of months ago and realise that they made the WRONG purchse.

My main use for the mini is as a phone and MP3 player. I installed a 2GB SD card in it for $50AUD and it holds a perfect number of songs for my listening pleasure.

An absolutely staggering device that I will be pround to continue using until another O2 phone really catches my eye.

Im looking at the flame at the moment but im thrown of a tad by it's size.

  • ravi

whenever i switch on my xda i get the o2 screen and when i tap on the screen it goes to the align screen page and i cant get out of it no matter how much i tap on the screen

  • ravi

i want to know what is the proceser to activate gprs on this o2 mini II.

  • H2O

hi, i,m from indonesia. i've got trouble with my stylus, i have to align screen everyday all the time. can everyone help me, please?

  • Anonymous

I have some problem here and i need help
i go to sound & notifications,
after that i chosen the notification event as New Text Message.
But after i click ok and when i go back to that,it return to the ActiveSync..
can someone help me what to do..I was unable to set the sms tone

  • Anonymous

have a question, how can i turn off the flight mode of my phone 'coz i could not operate my bluetooth device? please reply as soon as possible...thanks....

  • mike

whenever i switch on my xda i get the o2 screen and when i tap on the screen it goes to the align screen page and i cant get out of it no matter how much i tap on the screen

  • Mac

get all your O2 Mini queries resolved in the forum

  • mit5

To p3yD leav the phone for a few day without the battery inside the phone shoud reset then choose english please tel me if u come right

  • Bogdan

I have an O2 xda II mini and i want to know how can i change the language! The phone language is German and i want to change it in English! Someone can help me??? I will wait for an e-mail! Thanks

  • ferr

hi, i have been using this pocket pc for 1.5 years, but lately i got trouble with the stylus. it wont work long, i always have to align screen process. anybody also have the same problem? is my phone got error or my screen is out of order?

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks! its not a user friendly one!

  • maria

hi i want to ask wether any of you know how to set sms tones by using mp3? is it always have to use wav with maximum 250K? I can't seem to understand it...

  • mhea

i like this phone...i hope its already 3g procvided...

  • syndrome

hi.. im from manila.. i really love of mini but i do have a problem.. im interested on installing a wifi connection on my min but i dont know where to buy the wifi card.. can u help me?? tnx in advance..

  • MF

can somebody tell me tht, can i install mobile SKYPE software to O2 XDA II mini? pls advice, TQ!

email: mfloi@lycos.com
date: June 07'