O2 XDA II mini

O2 XDA II mini

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  • deepdark

i have a Tmobile MDA mini with firmware

(test only not for sale)
ipl 1.12
spl 1.12.000
gsm 01.12.20

so the os is windows mobile 5.0 but in german any help how to change it to english /??????


  • Eva

where can i found mini 02 chinese software?

  • osk

U can install Omega one battery pack in order to indicate your battery level on today screen.

  • Anonymous

does anyone have the software so that the battery meter will be displayed in the today page? thanks

  • osk

Is anyone upgrade yor ROM to 128mb ?

  • bluish

Though I do also have a problem.. I have tried to upload some wav files that I did plan to use as my ringtone unfortunately for some reason some ringtone can't be read by the phone. Anybody knows a good site to download tones?

Also I can't change my SMS alert sound.

  • bluish630

To Melissa
Sometimes it might cause a program hanged which causes the pictures and ringtone not appear and play. You just have to reset it from time to time.

There was this one day that I thought I gone deaf and numb cause I couldn't hear the phone ring and vibrate even though the setting is all correct. I reset the phone and everything became ok. =)


  • Melissa

I've assigned some ringtones to some of my contacts via the Photo Contact function. I've also added in a photo. However, when this person calls, I don't get the assigned ringtone nor the photo. I find it strange since it obviously recognises the person calling and displays the name.
What I've done in the past is to delete the whole contact and start again. But from time to time, the "assignments" would disappear again. When I go to Photo Contact, it clearly says that ringtone and photo are assigned for this contact.
Does anybody else have this problem and can provide a solution?

Melissa Tan

  • fb

i got a wifi card, and i use it for surfing. when first bought it was able for use, now cannot, ''written there, you need to configure proxy''.

  • Supandeep Singh

Hello, can anyone tell me how can I download an english version of the application CD to my phone I already went to their website to register my phone but it won't let me do it, because i have to wait for 7 days after i purchased it, well.. it's been 3 months now & still won't let me register my phone, i emailed them so many times about my problem and still no one responds.pleaseeee help

  • Vincent Wee


Would appreciate if anyone could email me the Chinese software to read and write chinese for O2 Mini. Thanks. mcbeth3@hotmail.com

  • Peter

I have been using O2 mini for a year now, l do wonder can the O2 Explorer be updated to he latest Explorer cause when l use the interent some programs can't be use using the old version.
Please email to me thanks

  • Choy

This is an excellent phone!!!...., I have this phone for about 1 year now and the unit is still good and it really benefits me a lot. Hope that the O2 XDA Company will continue to make these kinds of quality phone/pda.

  • Nitin

Anybody know which is the best compatible bluetooth headset with O2 mini? [Again with email ID.]

  • Anonymous

may i noe o2 mini can build in memory card?

  • Kushagar

I'm confused of which phone 2 buy.. should i buy o2 mini or o2 Xda II S ??? i would like 2 know that can i add a wifi faclity to a O2 mini(Xda II).
has XDA II S got handwriting facility???
i was already using XDA mini and was satisfied with that , is XDa II s advance from it and in what way????

  • werewolf

im planning to buy a mini this august!! i would like to ask if its still ok for me to get this one or is it already obsolete? im planning to use this for my emails and surfing the web!! plus i'll be using this is as a visual media for my work!! is this unt any good? i have read both positive and negative remarks about this so pls help!!! if you can pls email!! thanks a lot ill be waiting for your replies!!

  • Shad

I'm confused of which phone 2 buy.. should i buy o2 mini or o2 Xda II S ??? i would like 2 know that can i add a wifi faclity to a O2 mini(Xda II) .N how can i do that Please reply soon

  • prince

Hi anyone can help me with resetting my O2 Mini..today I went to to a hard reset and now when I on the phone, it will go to 'align screen'. I dunno what to next in order to go in the menu or start page with all the features. Plssssssssss help!! I don't have the cd if that's a must

  • Anonymous

I've been using o2 mini for less than a year but recently having problems with the touch screen. The alignment always out even though after i reset the phone? Anyone could hepl?