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Hello. Just got my XDA II Mini and trying to synchronize with my laptop but was unsuccessful even if i have downloaded the software to my laptop. connects for 2 seconds then disconnects again." my XDA II mini pop-up says i need to create a partnership. How?

  • Mon

Hi! I'm getting my XDA mini this wednesday. Thanks to all of you for your great posts, it really helped me decide on getting the mini. I choosed between the 9500, 9300, XDA IIi and SE P910i and it seems Mini is the one. hope it works fine and counting on your posts if i find some problems. Thanks!!!

  • qoxop

The cam hav many snow sport whn i use it in the night? Y like tht?

  • gaurav arora

i bought this new phone mini o2.but camera clarity is very bad when i click some snow comes in between.can u pls tell me what to do.if there is any upgaradation pls let me know thanks

  • bavorn

Just bought o2 XDA mini today but cannot take photo. Pushing photo button but the screen have no view on...anybody experience of this probleme pls let me know what is the matter. Thanks

  • PK

I finally made the bluetooth headset working. Earlier, the connection between my O2 mini and my headset was cut off after 8 mins of talking. After I installed the O2 Plus, it works great. But, the Plus is still a beta version. There are still some minor adjustment to it. But, overall, I like it.

  • prabodh

hi all,
i am a registered user of o2 mini residing in india,bombay. i am facing a typical problem of sim card getting corrupted permanently in roaming network (other then home network).the phone works perfectly in home network.kindly suggest me an solution as i have already replaced 6 sim cards.kindly suggest me a solution at the earliest


prabodh chavan
siemens ltd.

  • marcus

i just wanna ask how come my camera is onli in black & white??

  • lexus4x4@gmail.com

Anyone can help? How to install Microsoft Win Mobile 2005 to O2 mini?
Thanks in advance

  • Lau A T

1. Why the wallpaper for today (selected from photos or download pictures) is always not clear? It can been seen clearly only at an angle.
2. Which voltage MMC or SD memory is most suitable for the O2 mini?
3. After soft resetting on the O2 mini, the memory will have about 50% left. After running for a while the memory keeps on decreasing until about 25% (even after all the running program are closed). With 20% of the memory left, it will have limitation in taking photos and i hv to reset again. Is this normal? I am using 256MB RS-MMC card and i have only the Windows in the device, other softwares are being installed in the memory card.
I have i will get the answer for the above questions.

  • ChewKP

hi i set my new ringtones for different people, how come the phone still use back the old ringtones. how to adjust?

  • Mohamed Waheed

I bought an O2 mini just recently from a dealer in Singapore, but i was not able to use it for a single day, because it didn't work well. the reasons were:
1)Back light doesn’t get “on” when the On/Off button is pressed (sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t after few minutes)
2)Software gets stuck
3)While hard resetting there were lines on the screen both horizontal and vertical
4)Touch screen gets freeze/shaky

anyone experiance this kind of problems with o2? Is it a manufacturing fault?

  • jHaF

hi everyone
im planning to buy an xda ii mini and could only buy it after one to two months. Is it still ok to buy xda ii mini at that time? and could i get a lot of use to it? im coz im just 14. anyone please give me any advice. thanks in advance.

  • kunthea

Hi all,
Anyone could help me how to get a firmware upgrade, controls camera. (in Cambodia)

  • Edianto

put your mp3 files at windows>>rings. And then go to 'photo contact' to set up ur contact person with the ring tone.

  • Edianto


U can use Microsoft Voice Command v1.5. It is a great software. U can download the trial version at www. microsoft.com

  • amanda

does O2 manufacture bluetooth?? pls email

  • amanda

is there any available software for upgrading of voice dialling? plz email as soon as possible...

  • Jonezz

Its great and filled with wonderful features. However, can anyone advice me on ways to insert additional alarm sounds to my O2? Plz email me ur advice.

  • fariq

can my mini 02 phone get connected to the internet wirelessly?