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  • Master Phoenix

If you want to upgrade your XDA IIs from WM2003SE to WM6.1 pro go to my blogsite http://pinoytopdownloads.blogspot.com
You can also request applications, games, themes, wallpapers, ringtones and anything that you want about your pocket pc's. By the way, it is not true that WM6.1pro will make your XDA IIs run slower. Maybe you haven't tried upgrading yet, try it first before yo conclude!

  • Jin Madera

gudnews i found a new software that can run the DIVx files video hehehe looks great but its hard to configure anyway i suggestr stick to the WMV files...

  • Anonymous

i just encounter a problem with the touch screen of my phone, do u know what is the problem?

  • Tom

Hussain, 05 Oct 2008i also have O2 xda lls,but still with windows 2003SE..how do you... moreDon't upgrade to wm6. It will make it run slower. Stick with 2003 SE.

  • junver

jr, 02 May 2008u can use mp3 as ringtones and wave to msg tonesit can really play mp3 tones? how? but as per specs here in gsmarena its only polyphonic.

  • puma

where can i find to reprogram this phone? i tried maghanap pero hindi sila nagseservice ng gantong phone..please help! thanks!!

  • made

Someone said that it have big risk at it display

  • igawayway

hi... hello... im a big fan of ur site (pinoytopdownload)... i bought an xda and then i tried to upgrade it using a pc on a comshop but then my friend removed the usb cable as if like he wnts to annoy me. now my xda is not turning on. pls help me... i really need ur help. im begging you.

  • Steve

hey i have a great o2 xda 11s with lots of storage space- 2gb card. problem is when i transfer music videos to storage card they don't play. i get command "there is no application associated with .......file . run the application first, then open this file from within the application." what does that mean and how do i get to play video files transfered to my memory card.?

  • uiell

sami, 01 Nov 2008hi i have a problem with upgrade my ppc ... wrong cuntry code ... moresami...what country you are residing now? maybe i and someone can help you out.every country was have a different rom upgrade..

  • Jin Madera

hi i have a problem with upgrading my xda ... it said wrong cuntry code???hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy anyone

  • Jin Madera

imhaving a bit problem pushing the mail button bcoz its actually doesnt work...what will i do to continue the format setting if i cannot press the mail button anyone please help...im from ph thanks in advance...

  • chris

can some one help me email me graffiti-kid-101@hotmail.com

i need help tr4ying to conect my O2 Xda lls to my desktop computers internet source please email me if you can help

  • uiell

pardeep sharan, 06 Oct 2008i have o2dxa 2i and i want to free download software for it plz ... morevery cool stuff and absolutely free download pocket pc
software and games

  • sami

i have a problem with upgrade my ppc ...
wrong cuntry code means what ?
why when i wanna upgrade my ppc say this ?

  • Red Phoenix

Update the radio rom of you XDA IIs from 1.12.00 to 1.15.00
More enhanced and better bluetooth, wifi and gprs connections.


  • Anonymous

desmond, 06 Oct 2008actually i am a new user of this model ppc.before it, i did not ... moreIt support Chinese, not because of its "model" but its OS as Pocket PC. But if its default language is English, you have install Chinese Fonts and a software to write in Chinese. Cheers

  • Anonymous

There are utube videos showing WM 6.1 working in XDa. As there are some guys who had to uninstall and go back to his/her old OS, of course...losing A LOT of TIME, if not even information, in the process.

  • Red Phoenix

Upgrade your XDA IIs to Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro for FREE...

Request free games, applications, themes, ringtones and more..

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See you there!

  • Red Phoenix

If you want to upgrade your XDA IIs from Windows Mobile 2003 to Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro for FREE go to my blog sites http://pinoytopdownloads.blogspot.com or http://alainbmateo.blog.friendster.com
If you have questions, software request (games, themes, applications, etc...) just post your comments on my blog sites and I will give it to you for free.