O2 XDA mini S

O2 XDA mini S

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  • S
  • Steve
  • TRZ
  • 17 Sep 2005

I would rather buy phone from other brands since the support from O2 is extremely poor. e.g. slow response in availability of ROM upgrade.

    • j
    • jaysandkays
    • ii5
    • 16 Sep 2005

    I've got a mini right now.
    This latest evolution has lost some of the great looks of the original mini and definitely doesn't look as good now.
    It's great to have a quad band and the WiFi now as well as more memory but, the processor is slower... I wonder if that will affect things... in particular my planned VOIP.
    Having no edge is disappointing. After all, one can't always have WiFi signal.
    Anyone have any accurate info on expected price?

      • a
      • antigua
      • Rx}
      • 16 Sep 2005

      Nice phone! I think the dimentions are wrong... With the keyboard and wifi shouldn't it be thicker than the Mini? Like-108x58x*23.7* (expansys' dimentions)?

        • A
        • Alex
        • PcQ
        • 15 Sep 2005

        In your opinion, it could be posible, RUN skipe, in this kind of SUPER PDA?

          • m
          • maseko
          • PD%
          • 15 Sep 2005

          definitely must buy.. why?
          coz this one got wifi & bluetooth as well
          the processor 'seems' slower than common used, but then the battery life will be much longer than others.. i think this one will have the best price/performance gadget ever (hopefully)
          *in indonesia it will be an O2 product, expensive one :(

            • D
            • DaddyAT
            • xcx
            • 14 Sep 2005

            If this O2 mini has added a GPS, it will be a Head On for the Ipaq 6500 series. Many Ipaq will definately switch to this mini, at least I will.

              • M
              • Marcus Loh
              • PUR
              • 14 Sep 2005

              Does it comes with T9 IntelliPad like the earlier O2 XDA Mini?

                • R
                • Rix
                • i2p
                • 13 Sep 2005

                does it have handwriting recognition?

                  • s
                  • smartcity88
                  • TS}
                  • 13 Sep 2005

                  Why EDGE? since it is wifi built in with B/G speed. hunting to buy

                    • j
                    • jhaf
                    • ijA
                    • 11 Sep 2005

                    y no edge?!?

                      • g
                      • guneet
                      • PVs
                      • 10 Sep 2005

                      hi guys
                      any idea when is this phone hitting the stands..... dying to buy one. any idea of the price range in dollars?

                        • j
                        • jdy
                        • Qi4
                        • 10 Sep 2005

                        is this right? if o2xda mini S is identical to qtek9100 and i-mate, why is the data speed only 48kbps? no edge?

                          • f
                          • fadz
                          • 4YK
                          • 09 Sep 2005

                          This pda/cp has everything that you could imagine as far as option is concern. I would say, the best phone in the universe!!!

                            • @
                            • @blo
                            • Pxd
                            • 08 Sep 2005

                            Wonderful fone but sadly the processor is slower than that of mini... if the processor was better i'll definitely go for this..