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  • Puggybear

When I posted about finding my old Xda Orbit in the attic after 14 years of it being back in it's box,I was just chuffed to find it still worked. NOW,today,four months later-I'm still using it on a daily basis....much to the amusement of the 'latest,greatest' technology freaks around me.
They ALL want to look at it,try it,even send themselves texts to their own 'phones on it using the stylus. Ok,I'll admit my eyes aren't as pinpoint as they were 14 years ago and i now wear glasses to use it...but it's SUCH an amazing little thing,that the squinting a bit to send texts really IS worth it. The camera is truly amazing...a mere 2mp...yet as clear as photos taken with my iphone. It still works faultlessly,still using it's original battery,an 8gb SD card takes the strain nicely...and it connects to wifi without any hassle-which I find astounding,considering the advances in wifi since this was made. The W6 works without complaint,the Bluetooth has no problems. The ONLY thing I'm careful about is water...it's not-but never claimed to be-waterproof. Meh;a small concern,for such a truly amazing item.

  • Puggybear

I found my 1996 Orbit when looking for old tapes in the attic. Brought it downstairs,charged it,didn't expect it to work...4 hours later it's running like a tap! NO stuttering,no delays,not even requiring updates [not that there'd be may for an Orbit]...and it's working as well today as it did when first bought,which was in Finland in 1996....let's see you beat THAT,Apple!
Y'know;I'm going to keep this little jem-it's like finding a pebble on the beach and realising it's actually an emerald! My Orbit is doing as well as it always did-but after 14 years in the attic!

  • adi

awesome phone i used it for 2 years and phone went dead,no services available of O2 now

  • hani

lalit, 08 Apr 2012i am not able to send the data/songs to other mobile phones... morein this device, bluetooth function can be found with the name 'Beam'
you can beam pictures & videos from the folder 'pictures and videos' and audio files from 'file Explorer' .....

  • Anonymous

this is avery good mobile phone and alot of functions but there are a few problems

  • jamiu

mine screen has broken buh can't find here in nigeria......wat can i do cus i can't drop this damn phone

  • Anonymous

lalit, 08 Apr 2012i am not able to send the data/songs to other mobile phones... moreI have an mda compact lll,witch is practicly the same device. You have to bean the file,that is sending via bluetooth

  • yar_anmulle

Excellent pocket PC. Agreeable design a lot of functions mind blowing

  • sean

well u have turned off the phone :P

  • asad

In my xda orbit o2 windows media player is not opening and none of the songs and tunes are playing and the incoming call ring is not working and its giving a erorr saying file is corrupt plz help me what to do

  • Anonymous

is there any faster way to transfer data from the phone

  • lalit

i am not able to send the data/songs to other mobile phones via bluetooth kindly advice.

  • anrdeilei

i have xda orbit is a good phone but the housing is broken plz help me were i can fined here in manila to buy a new housing plz help me..

  • zahid

please help me
I cant flay youtube on my XDA-orbit.
please help me

  • jake

same as mine,, my phone cant function very well, it just shut down it self... i worry to much, can you help me fixed this

  • Anonymous

fazi, 23 Jun 2011 for last 2 months there is a software problem with my cell... moreThere are many custom made ROM are available on NET you can google or visit http://forum.xda-developers.com you will get one of them.
Its exe file you need not have to worry for installation it will do it on its own.
Just make sure you take backup of your data before taking any step.
I have upgraded my XDA Orbit to WM6.5 and its really very good experience. you can download it from https://rs238dt.rapidshare.com/#!download|238dt|82987999|RUU_Hermes_O2_UK_3.62.206.2_6275_1.50.00.00_108_Ship.exe|53928|R~87076A8C7893479774F33295294981B6

  • fazi

for last 2 months there is a software problem with my cell-phone anyone plz tell me how i can install its window myself..........

  • boon

tubs, 19 Feb 2011hi i need a stylus pen dose eneyone no were i can get one f... moreits a good service.

  • Anonymous

I had Orbit in 2007.It was amazing at that time.My rating was 9/10.

  • ajit pawar

i wanna know the procedure of loading some extra software such as media player