O2 XDA Serra

O2 XDA Serra

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  • Babblu

I like its

  • Jimmy Neutron

The HTC Touch Pro under a new name. Feels wrong

Definitely from 2008.

  • karenzi Drake

this phone is just a dream come true.

  • Anonymous

Where can i get some please

  • Runin

lf91, 14 Mar 2012hmmm an o2 phone? HTC more like http://www.ebay.co.uk/it... moreHTC is actually a Chinese company that manufactures cellphones. O2, on the other hand, is a European brand that gets its cellphones from China. They simply brand the cellphones, they don't necessarily make them. Don't be surprised to see HTC and O2 selling the same cellphones. When you commission a factory in China to make your electronics, you have to surrender 1/2 of your intellectual property rights, allowing them to recopy the design and market it under another name.

  • sanjaya

pls let me know the price for XDA SERRA

  • Kaliganokusas

it look like a htc diamond touch

  • Anonymous

Are you serious O2. I am sure you stopped making phones cause the phones showed are ancient. Wakey wakey.

  • nela

where di i can get this phone. i cant find in indonesia

  • Anonymous

sanjay, 10 Aug 2011i dnt thnk it has a gd spcfction for a phone launched in 2008 its had an awesome spec which is comparable to today's mid range smartphones..

  • sanjay

i dnt thnk it has a gd spcfction

  • Joey

It is a HTC Touch pro...

  • khan moin

wht a nice look great features.what abt price

  • mortyr

what can i say .just .........

  • AnonD-13247

what is the rate of this mobile? i want to purchase it

  • Anonymous

were can i by it xx

  • Anonymous

were can i by it xx

  • percevalgimena@yahoo

nice phone