O2 XDA Star

O2 XDA Star

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  • Anonymous

cool cell.....

  • Manu

Its really Worth it.

  • sof

gossip girl, 08 Dec 2008is this fone useful in any way ?? just curious . :] xoxo... moreno not at all.

  • Anonymous

How cute they want to be HTC touch dual

  • student_kere

Can Xda Star read 8 GB mini SD Card??? and how much the maximal capacity of mini SD Card that can i use in my XDA Star???

  • gossip girl

is this fone useful in any way ?? just curious . :]

xoxo ,,
gossip girl

  • conrad

where can I get a conversion program for my o2 xda star from German to English?

  • FdkG57 yahoo com

gerard, 01 Oct 2008how to reset the xda o2 starSomeone interested in this phone??I have 13 units and all are very cheap.
You can reach me at mail above.

  • Anonymous

very very very poor support from o2. believe me. i've used 2 devices (xda2 & xphone2) from o2.

  • gerard

how to reset the xda o2 star

  • V-ger

There is no real "redesign". In practice, the "top" operators "ask" for special designs from manufacturers, so that they get a feature (SW of HW) that no-one else can offer. Like Nokia 6300 with WLAN. Specially for the request of VF. It is now available for other of course.

Most cases it is hardly more than putting the logo on the cover. I even remember Vodafone type of mobiles being sold back in 2002 :) But don't remember any more who was the real manufacturer. They had a contract that the given model is only sold for VF.

Sso it is nothing more than marketing. And of course the original manufacturer would be stupid to offer the same quality when he can make his own profit as well.

  • Anonymous


that was the point of the phone, O2 redesigns HTC phones and sells them. HTC manufacters them too.

  • V-ger

To Phydeaux:

Try http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone2=1857&idPhone1=2137 for comparison :)

But should you be too lazy for that:
- First of all, E90 is on the market
- E90 has a much bigger dispaly
- Subjective, but I get the freaks from this 20 keys full keyboard. I am writing e-mails primary from my phone (including this one), and I am still not satisfied with even what E90 has (the best for me was E70)
- XDA has handwrite recognition as an advantage
- XDA has a quicker processor but my experiance is that Symbian is still quicker than Windows Mobile
- I would die without WLan nowdays, wich the XDA does not have
- E90 has a stronger battery (which I still drain in 12 hours!)
- And E90 is heavy like hell. You can always hit your attacker with it with a chance of cousing heavy injury :)

So all-in-all, the two units are just not for the same purpose.

- XDA is a feature packed PDA with an integrated phone. Keeps you organised. Like the IPaq-s I used to have for years.

- E90 is a portable computer which you can make phone calls with should you desire. Kepps you at work on the road / flight

Consider what you need the unit for, before comparing. I still use my old Siemens M35 when going out raftin. Breaks less often, than I do.

  • Anonymous

It's a shame that this more expensive function of the touch does not have WLAN

  • Phydeaux

So what does the e90 have that htc/o2 don't have?

  • Dharam

Carbon copy of HTC Touch Dual...Looks the same and cant find any difference in features 2 except for the size of RAM n ROM

  • Singapore user

O2 is more of an euro style while HTC is more asian, little changes inside though.

  • the man from o2

when will people realise that htc make these handsets 4 o2!! If u want a proper buissness handset then go for the e90 it rules the exec market for features!!

  • Angry O2 user

you should see the reviews of the O2 atom, the O2 exec and especially the O2 life. Do a simple search eg. o2 atom life then add user reviews, complaints, problems, issues etc. in google. wow. i was amazed. Id bought 1 atom exec, the phone had problems then i bought another 2 atom xda life phones for my business and the longest life i had out of the 3 phones is 4 months. I mean this xda pda had everything go wrong from loose screen, to buzzing speakers, no sound, constant hard resets, dropouts of calls, poor battery, poor photos etc. then i searched to see what others were saying about the O2 atom life and i couldnt believe it. Not only is the phone getting a roasting on this website but check out zdnet australia, cnet asia and cnet and mobile asia and other websites and you will see the o2 phones are rating below 5 out of 10 with a LOT OF ANGRY users out there. check youtube.com and you will see videos being put on there eg. search O2 atom life
I forgot to mention as a warning to those even in the slightest considering buying an Atom XDA life pda phone or the atom exec or any pda, added to the list below. the phone is not as fast as the makers claim in fact its bloody slow! and the phone freezes constantly. I mean, the phones buttons stopped working soon after i bought the phone. This phone is extremely poor and i would encourage people to start making videos and posting to sites like youtube and getting out there that O2 need to be taught a consumer backlash and lesson about rolling out highly overpriced products (I paid AUD$1150 for my O2 life x 2). SEE MY VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LduuzSYpK3o


i own an o2 atom exec since more dan 1 year 6 months and im totally impressed wid its performance its a rough and tough pda wid evtremly gud features ... in between i tried usin an htc but the softwares o2 has is amazing and the speed is way better than htc .... comparing o2 with htc , htc may hav better features but o2 has way way way better perfiormance... and my htc stopped workin in 2 weeks .... where as my o2 has been workin without any problems !!! cheers