O2 XDA Stellar

O2 XDA Stellar

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  • Niranjan Singh

My O2 XDA Stellar Window mobile which my son who is in UK given to me but the Phone is not reading Tata Docomo CDMA Sim. How this will read & work as CDMA phone also.
Niranjan Singh

  • ali

hey how can i download the skype on my phone.i tried to get download the skype but i have seen different versions of phone like sony erresion,motorola,samsung e.tc but i couldnt find the option of my phone so can you help me to install the skype ????

  • Anonymous

dule sim

  • Shakil

ABDULHAMEED ABDULLAH, 27 Aug 2010hello how can i comfigure my phone with mtn networkJust call on customer care they will send you some settings of your handset...


hello how can i comfigure my phone with mtn network

  • Age

its not a good fhun i dun lyk it

  • francis

this O2 is nice

  • lee

hi how r u

  • Aakyl

Just bought one of this :-) looks cool. Any one knows how can I download the user manual of this??? Please help me out.


for what... don't have this marc or... this mobile phone in my place... peru's????? alicia_urbina82@hotmail.com lima-peru

  • marcs

does anyone know if it possible to hide files and images within the stellar so they dont show up in the normal file explorer

  • ubud_bali

ram, 18 May 2009pls advice me.. im planning to tak an O2 this month. After ... morei don't think so...in Bali that model is not populer. 02 Flame is very good, that have a good quality work with two procesor..Nvidia...so change your mind to o2 xda flame

  • krishna prasad

ram, 18 May 2009pls advice me.. im planning to tak an O2 this month. After ... morewell.....to begin with, HTC n O2 are same....HTC supplies instruments to O2.....n finally, yes, O2 XDA Stellar is an amazing phone with no complaints whatsoever.....m using this phone from the past 1year, n trust me, i have no intentions of giving this up. its a fantastic phone with everything I need!!!! if you're interested in it, then go for it....its DEFINITLY not a bad choice n you WONT regret buying it!!:-)

  • ram

pls advice me.. im planning to tak an O2 this month. After a lot of survey i found tht this model stellar is good. pls suggest whether i should go for this. Also i need to knw whether this can be used in india with other sim cards. pls help me... any one pls... which is the best model of O2..?? which one is good,,, O2? or HTC? or Black berry curve??or black berry storm?? or Nokia N 97?? ... pls help... wny one pls..

  • Tachie

How can i text sms.I'm tryiny but is not respounding.

  • Anonymous

can we use this phone to check out the stock market?

  • Cristy

I bought my O2 Atom Life May, 2007. unfortunately, I now need a new battery. I am from Pasig City, Philippines. Will somebody help me. Email me, or post it here, where can i get a new one. my unit is still good. i dont want to dispose of it. thanks.

  • Tom

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2008Slippery - end up accidentally gripping/activating side but... moreCheck out xda-developers for a custom ROM, takes about 2 hours to understand it, then you can have latest windows mobile 6.1 and choice of UI and radio software (for battery life, reception and call quality)

  • FdkG57 yahoo com

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2008WTF do you do with your fone that 200MB is not sufficient? ... moreSomeone interested in this phone??I have 13 units and all are very cheap.
You can reach me at mail above.

  • Anonymous

bona, 21 May 2008if it's java enabled what could be the reason i cannot see ... moreWTF do you do with your fone that 200MB is not sufficient?
Think about it realistically, how often are you going to surf using your fone....at work you have internet, at home you have internet....
I was on the same bolt on, I never hit 200MB despite going on YuTube at least 3 times a week for at least an hour each time and surfing as well...NEVER, did I even touch 200MB....so WTF do you do? What sites do you go on that consume such an amount of data that you will starve of MB before your new allowance kicks in?
PLUS, dependant when you upgraded you would be on their new tariff and you need to check out what benefits/new bolt ons they have on these new tariffs...plus if you went on an 18+ month con, then the bolt on would be free.....If your not happy with 200, then you could get a 3000MB for £20...again, you would have to speak to O2.....I know this cos I used to work there....