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O2 Xphone

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  • AnonD-114617

password o2 xphone

  • Jake

The xPhone lol, at least apple couldnt sue them because the iPhone wasnt revealed yet.

  • chetan

i have o2 Xphone ..and i want to know that from where shall i repire my phone ?

  • haura naila azizah

haura naila azizah, 30 Apr 2010passwordpassword

  • haura naila azizah


  • Anonymous

hey guys i need to kno so badly how do u put or install applications on the xphone gold i realy need to kno ty all

  • ley

GPRS mode is ON but can't connect, always get: unable to connect, verify network coverage. The thing is, when I move the SIM card to another phone at the exact place, I can get connected. help please

  • heri

my experience about o2 xphone is very bad handphone...!!!

  • haylee

this looks like a phone wen i was born hello were in 2006

  • Anonymous

sating gprs poblam

  • Stone

my phone is on flight mode and is no longer working also nothing is opening .
the message i always receive is that access denied , cos the program can not start because is not digitally signed with a trust certificate. pls i need a solution to all this i have listed.

  • nerre

I'm a O2 Xphone user. I like O2 Xphone cause it is a STRONG HP, but the BATTERY is not too good.Now, I don't use this HP cause the battery was DAMAGED. May I know,where Ican get O2 Xphone BATTERY...???


  • kord

good features.. however, it tends to stall/hang quite often.. and the joystick is a joke. battery life also not too good..

  • shaun

this phone has features of a rating of 10.0 not 8 as this page has sed. this is fabtastics, im finally seen as the kool kid at skool i am the myster now im there i have made it! yay for the o2 xp0hone

  • srinidhi

Its very good handset compared to another handsets.........i like it most.

  • prasanna `

i want active vibrate ring type , but it not worked

but i have one game with vibrate

  • Rizal


I just got this O2 Xphone. I could receive phone calls and send and receive SMSes. The only thing is that, I could not make ANY phonecalls at all. Anyone can help me? email me at rezal_21 @ hotmail dot com

Thx. I am using the phone for Singapore's network Singtel by the way.

  • Aswath (I M Phone Ha

NO application starting saying an error, this program cannot start coz it is not signed or verified by a digitally trusted certificate
Thus the phone enters into flight mode aloways
you have to follow these instructions :-
the phone's root certificates (there are totally 6 certificates inside them) hav been deleted !!
i also got this problem
this is because of some virus or some electricity overflowing inside the cell's ROM memory, that has caused the root certificates to be deleted !!
is to take the phone to O2 company
and u have to reinstall the windows smatphone 2003 !! only they can do it, and we cannot !!

so, it costs around 47 SGD $ in singapore o2 company, and it can be waived if the phone is in warranty,
luckily my phone is warranty so i got it waived

then i requested while installing 2003 , to them to upgrade my OS to 2003 Second edition,
well this was possible, as the ppl gave and upgraded the phone os to 2003 SE

thus now this o2 does not hang and is much better !!

only for singapore i know, as they can even repair the discontinued o2 X phone
but i do not know for other countries !!

hope my info was useful
for other details, contact
sorry for english errors !!

  • Mister Ash

I'm hving problem wid dis phone plz any1 can help me???.....problem is described below...
If u think u can help me then plz email me at gangstar_ash3@yahoo.com

. I am unable to make calls but can receive calls
2.Can't operate a single thing in my device....this happened because

When i bought i activated my GPRS so as to use messenger on my
handheld....but i needed yahoo messenger in this so downloaded agile
messenger on my PC and connected my handheld through data cable and copied the
file into it.My device was still on data cable and i open the agile
messenger file to install it but it gave the error "NOT A VALID WINDOWS CE
APPLICATION" , then there was an option "associate the file" (in my
phone) i clicked that and selected app.exe(application manager) but it
still didn't worked.So i thought i would take space so i deleted the file
and from that day onwards my phone never showed any response.It starts
and comes to desktop but when i open anything it doesnt respond.

  • emmanuel sarmiento

this phone seems to be one of an i-mate phone like a smart phone....