Official walkthrough of the Blackberry Storm UI - on video

16 Oct, 2008

A week after the official announcement of the full touch Blackberry Storm, Vodafone now release a cool video demoing the new Blackberry interface. It looks flashy alright (and comfortable to use) with the added benefit of a virtual landscape QWERTY keyboard with tactile feedback.

The Blackberry Storm is the first touchscreen device by BlackBerry. It's got a spanking new user interface, which looks fluid enough to compete the Apple iPhone with an ease.

The interface makes full use of the auto-rotating screen, while the web browser seems similar to the Safari browser usability level. Explaining all the details is tedious enough, so you better check out the video for the rest of the stuff.

P.S. We couldn't help but notice that UI auto rotation is somewhat slow. We hope they fix it in the retail product.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Iphone blows the Blackberry Storm away!

  • Anonymous

anyone who gets to play with it will be impressed. and anyone who can use a blackberry will love it, as will others. it is in no way an iphone! anyway, isnt loads of stuff in the world becoming touchscreen now anyway? i think it looks cool, however, ...

  • dava

I also think that the user interface would get on my nerves, a real pity its not slick, maybe thier second attempt will have a better performing processor later next year, rim have excellent OS's so this may have just been rushed to get it on the she...

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