One UI 6.1 update for Galaxy S22 series halted due to a bug

Samsung started rolling out the update to One UI 6.1, containing the Galaxy AI features that debuted in January, to the Galaxy S22 family in Korea yesterday. And here we are not even 24 hours later, and it seems like the rollout has already been halted. Note that while yesterday's rollout included many more devices, it only appears to have been paused specifically for the Galaxy S22 series.

The reason, as always in such cases, has to do with a bug - quality control on software updates is hard, for sure, but it shouldn't be this hard to spot something so obvious. We're talking about the lock screen and touchscreen not working anymore after the update.

The bug hasn't been found on the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4, at least not yet, and so the rollout continues for those devices. The bug was spotted on the Galaxy S21 series as well, but seems to be more isolated for those devices, so their rollout hasn't been halted yet.

While we have always commended Samsung for how willing it is to roll out updates to dozens upon dozens of devices in a short span of time recently, stuff like this simply shouldn't make it to purportedly stable builds. Hopefully its quality control for updates will improve in the future.

The good news, if there can be any in such a scenario, is that the rollout of One UI 6.1 for the Galaxy S22 had only started in Korea before the bug was found, so we assume this means other markets won't get to experience it at all. We'll let you know when the rollout resumes.

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Yeah true but how are people supposed to get a chinese phone in the US or Canada, they would be better off using a pixel then right.

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Keep it coming Samsung, we're waiting !!!