OnePlus 5 teaser suggests it's smaller than the 3T

Peter, 02 June 2017

OnePlus continues to dole out information about the OnePlus 5 - “what do you 5ee?”, a tantalizing photo asks. It’s the OnePlus 3T, obviously, but there’s something below it. Unfortunately, just like photos of the Loch Ness monster, it’s just too difficult to make out any details.

Still, from this angle it seems that the OnePlus 5 is smaller than the 3T. All rumors so far have been for a 5.5” screen (ofQHD resolution), but this lends some credence to the dual-edge screen gossip. Screen size is only half the reasons phones are big - the other half is chunky bezels.

Will we see a properly bezel-less device? All leaked designs so far lack a fingerprint reader on the back, so at least a bottom bezel seems unavoidable to leave room for it. Of course, Carl Pei, Pete Lau and co. are not forthcoming with details, so this is just guesswork for now.



Reader comments

Bezel can be easily fixed with some bulky ugly rubber case to prevent accidental touches, like I had to do on my OP3T :) .

  • Ding ding

This kind of tease just like first Oneplus, we are all was hoping for smaller body with same size of display and unfortunately it turns to be dissapointed

  • finophile

no bezel ... well then, its hard enough to hold modern phones properly now without your hand impinging on the screen ... If you want a bigger screen get a tablet