OnePlus 5's tele camera only has 1.6x optical zoom, digital zoom brings it to 2x

Peter, 22 June 2017

It seems that the OnePlus 5 marketing promised more than the engineering team delivered Ė the chipset isnít as fast as benchmarks indicate, and the cameraís 2x optical lossless zoom actually... isnít. No, really, it isnít optical or lossless, and the camera isnít 20MP either.

Co-founder Carl Pei clarified on Twitter that actually the second lens on the back offers 1.6x optical zoom then digital zoom makes up the remaining 0.4x to reach the claimed 2x. That final upscaling means that the effective resolution is less than 20MP Ė in reality, itís closer to 16MP.

The company still claims ď2x lossless zoomĒ, but that is debatable. And it could have done a better job making it clear that itís not optical zoom. Also, the EXIF info shows that the wide-angle and tele lenses have focal lengths of 24mm and 36mm (in 35mm equiv.), which would make the zoom 1.5x. If Peiís info is correct, the actual focal length of the tele lens is 38.4mm.

But thatís nitpicking. At any rate, this explains why the OnePlus 5 wasnít delivering the quality we would expect from its tele camera.



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All this negative comments abt Oneplus from people who obviously never hold one in their hands. Specc is one thing but reality is something else. In my experience in past i had several Samsung's, Sony, iPhone, Xiaomi and now I'm with OP 3T (6G/...

  • Hamburger

The important qn is.... can I turn off this 0.4x software zoom?

  • .alpha

Wasn't OnePlus 5 supposed to be smaller than 3T? Right... it is 1.5mm TALLER. OnePlus is all marketing and hype.