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  • D06
  • 29 Jan 2024

I am using it since December 2017, In my 20 years of mobile phone usage, One + 5T is best. And it's battery still lasts for nearly 12hrs after heavy usage. Wifi connection is best which helped lot during pandemic. Though my cousins were using iPhone their Wifi connection was slower compared to this phone

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    • Il Fra
    • BR4
    • 31 Dec 2023

    Still got it since launch (Nov. 2017). Battery still runs 2h display time.
    Impressive phone, best ever had in my familiy!

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      • Vick Mkenya
      • xjH
      • 17 Nov 2023

      Nice phone been using it for a while and it's still in mint condition. I guess I have a couple of years before it stops working.

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        • Anonymous
        • Dkb
        • 06 Oct 2023

        2 jio sim work at a time

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          • Anonymous
          • mVv
          • 25 Sep 2023

          Anonymous, 22 Sep 2023Finding a compatible fast charging cable for this phone is ... moreYou can use the current new original oneplus chargers, they work with the older phones too and can deliver fast chargen for other brands too.

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            • Anonymous
            • XWb
            • 22 Sep 2023

            Finding a compatible fast charging cable for this phone is a pain in the as$. if the original cable is gone then pretty much you are srewed.

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              • jlweb
              • eWM
              • 22 Sep 2023

              I bought the phone used from a colleague in January 2019, now in September 2023 it's showing signs of age: random hangs, sometimes for up to 10 seconds. Just now I went to About Phone in the settings, and it first hung, then the screen went black for about 5 seconds before it showed the settings. I could do a factory reset, but I'm fairly sure the problems would return soon. Up to now it's been my best phone in 20 years of being a mobile user.

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                • 1O6p
                • K8%
                • 20 Sep 2023

                I bought in 2017 & phone is working fine, just outdated by software & slow.
                Date: 23-11-2017
                Order Number: OPS0054798217112******
                A few weeks ago I replaced the battery, original charging cable was damaged and I bought it from online store taobao China, from 2017, the original two chargers are working well.
                however, last year bought s22+ but due to heating issue trade back to Samsung, s22+ is good phone, bought Oneplus 8 working ok some software bugs, then this year bought 23 ultra, the device is so good but big & heavy, also sold it, now using OP5t light weight than others available models in the market.
                OP 8 is using a family member, I notice Oneplus phones wifi antenna is strong compared to Iphone 14 series , Samsung 23 Ultra, if i see in the list 10 wifi router names, but on the OP phone 100 names at the same place. IDK what is the reason behind of top phones like Samsung S23U and Iphone 13, 14.

                Cons of OP company, re-sales value is almost 0 where I live, replacement repairs are a big trouble because no authentic repair service stores for original parts replacement, don't reply via email or even on the phone, website down sometimes but useless they are only showing their latest models.
                But, I would say the android experience with oneplus oxygen ui is cool.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • MNv
                  • 31 Aug 2023

                  5110, 15 Sep 2022I am facing same issue where the phone shuts down below 25%... moreNo, smartphone batteries are estimated to have a life span of 3 years before detoriation hits.
                  Remember, this battery is at least 6 years old by now. Cells are slowly dying and the amperage is not keeping up in certain cells so the phone dies.
                  Normally a calibration fixes it, reducing precious battery capacity (mAh) in the process, but it is what it is.

                  The best you could do is to buy a new battery on a reputable website.

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                    • Ain
                    • IWS
                    • 14 Aug 2023

                    Anonymous, 21 Dec 2022Just get the Screen & Battery replaced, you're goo... moreIs that value change display and battery in 2023

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                      • Akshay
                      • 7tV
                      • 01 Aug 2023

                      I have purchased the OnePlus 5T in November 2017 and it's still going strong and I could still play BGMI on it. only issue is on top I found pixel burn issue and battery health.

                        I bought mine in december 2017. It's still working but with some issues. After 3 years or so the stock camera app was crashing so I had to replace it. That new app lasted for about 6 months, then it started crashing too. A bit later the gallery app stopped working, so this was replaced too (free app with annoying adds).
                        Since I don't want to do a full factory reset, it's what it is. My next phone will be another brand, Oneplus' software stability just isn't the greatest.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • mI3
                          • 28 May 2023

                          I recall this phone having 2x optical zoom, that Im unable to find the specs given in here.

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                            • Akash
                            • ygD
                            • 27 May 2023

                            Anonymous, 22 Apr 2023I bought this killer in feb-2018, Now april-2023 going. I... moreExactly my story mate..... I purchased the oneplus 5t on 10th Feb 2018 and still working fine after 5+ years : )

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                              • SIAN
                              • XVR
                              • 14 May 2023

                              I used this phone 3 years. The best phone ever I used. I was satisfied for the software management and chipset, I was used to play Call of Duty Mobile more 6 hours of a day.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • EqZ
                                • 04 May 2023

                                Anonymous, 22 Apr 2023I bought this killer in feb-2018, Now april-2023 going. I... moreSame here mate

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • vGf
                                  • 22 Apr 2023

                                  I bought this killer in feb-2018,
                                  Now april-2023 going.
                                  In this whole era- this beast never hang ,never lag, nothing at all.
                                  Bestest phone ever, i hope OnePlus follow this rhythm in futuristic phone

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • n%I
                                    • 02 Mar 2023

                                    Nazzy16, 04 Dec 2022still using from 2017 till today, but kinda feel the lag so... morechange the rom

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • u1G
                                      • 21 Dec 2022

                                      Anonymous, 26 May 2022From 2018 to 2022, still running better than most, and I DO... moreJust get the Screen & Battery replaced, you're good to go 👍🏻

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 6uI
                                        • 16 Dec 2022

                                        Nazzy16, 04 Dec 2022still using from 2017 till today, but kinda feel the lag so... moreOther ROM available : /e/OS (Android 12), from the e Foundation ans Murena.