OnePlus says it's working with Snapchat to fix camera issues

Earlier today we reported the latest OxygenOS 4.7.4 update for the OnePlus 5T. Even though the company optimized the Camera UI and improved the photo quality, owners of the phone who take pictures and videos on Snapchat still face a major issue.

When the camera is powered on in the app, it zooms in 2x and can't be forced to take normal snaps.

OnePlus 5T • 2x OnePlus 5T zoom • Snapchat's own zoom • OnePlus 5T selfie • Snapchat selfie

As seen on our screenshots, Snapchat’s UI fills the whole screen. In order to achieve that, it also switches from the default 4:3 camera ratio to 18:9, which may be another inconvenience.

Snapchat sees plenty of selfie sharing and fans are displeased because the same issue appears on the front camera. This means the group photos and the popular dog filters cannot be applied properly.

OnePlus fixed the UI on their side with the latest OTA update, now it is time for the social network to step in and fix the problem.