OnePlus 7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10+

GSMArena team, 01 July 2019.

What's in these boxes

Both phones' retail packages offer all of the essentials but the Galaxy S10+ takes it a bit further. The handset comes with a plethora of adapters and accessories. Aside from the mandatory charging brick and USB-C to USB-A data cable also used for charging, the phone also comes with a pair of AKG earbuds with a 3.5mm plug and braided cables. They sound a lot better than your average in-ear headphones that come with other devices.

Oneplus 7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Additionally, Samsung has provided two handy adapters such as female USB-A to male USB-C and female microUSB to male USB-C. The first one can be used for OTG storage adapter while the second one will surely come in handy if you find yourself in a situation without a proper USB-C cable and have a microUSB one instead.

The OnePlus 7 Pro, on the other hand, lacks most of these accessories. We only have the 30W Warp charger in the box with the proprietary USB-C to USB-A cable and nothing else. No earbuds and even no USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack dongle despite the fact that the phone doesn't have a legacy audio port. Strangely, the OnePlus 6T did come with an adapter and we can't think of a reason why the OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't.

Oneplus 7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Winner: Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ gets all the points. The package isn't just complete but it offers some extra goodies on the side while the OnePlus 7 Pro lacks even a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle, which is inexcusable for a phone that lacks a standard audio port to begin with.

Design and build

Naturally, both phones being in the premium market segment, you'd expect impeccable build quality and ergonomics. And that's what you get here. OnePlus and Samsung both did a great job of designing these devices while following the latest market trends. The smartphones are build like glass sandwiches with a metal frame in the middle but the Galaxy S10+ uses Gorilla Glass 6 for the front and Gorilla Glass 5 for the back while the 7 Pro sticks with the latter for both sides.

Oneplus 7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Moreover, the Galaxy S10+ boasts actual IP68 rating against water and dust whereas OnePlus says the 7 Pro can withstand accidental drops in water and splashes easily but hasn't certified its handset as it would add up to the final price. And besides, the pop-up camera mechanism is probably a weak spot here. But on the other hand, we've seen a couple of videos on YouTube showing the OnePlus 7 Pro taking some serious dips like a champion. We don't recommend trying this at home though. IP rating or not - no water damage is covered by the warranty of either phone.

Oneplus 7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

As we've already said, both devices are built excellently. There are no gap, protrusions or irregularities. Only premium materials have been used and the build quality is just spot on.

Oneplus 7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

However, it has come to our attention that many OnePlus 7 Pro owners are complaining about being asked if that's a Samsung phone they are using. And we can't blame them. The Korean OEM has been doing curved screens before it was cool. From the front, it does look like the Galaxy S10+ but with a few notable differences.

For once, the curvature of the screen is a tad more subtle and you can feel it. Secondly, there are no cutouts while the Galaxy S10+ has a fairly big one to accommodate for the dual-front facing cams. Also, bezels are a bit thinner on the 7 Pro.

Oneplus 7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Dimensions-wise, the 7 Pro is thicker, wider, longer and considerably heavier. In return, you get more screen real estate. It fits a 6.67-inch display while the S10+ tops at 6.4". The 7 Pro is 8.8mm thick as opposed to the 7.8mm S10+ and OnePlus' contender is 162.6mm tall while the S10+ is 157.6. More importantly, though, the OnePlus 7 Pro is one hefty handset - it weighs 206g against the 175g on the Galaxy S10+. It might not sound a lot but you can definitely feel those extra grams. Also, the OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't seem to be that well-balanced and the weight tips over to the upper half of the phone. It might be due to the periscope-like mechanism for the selfie camera. It must add some extra weight.

Oneplus 7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

As far as the back design goes, the manufacturers have gone two separate ways. You still get the curves on the sides but the Galaxy S10+ sports an unusual horizontal camera alignment which protrudes just a little, whereas the 7 Pro goes with a more traditional vertical alignment.

Depending on which variant you choose, you either get a glossy finish with the Mirror Gray and Almond colors while the frosted matte glass finish is available only with the Nebula Blue paint job on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The Galaxy S10+ has a lot more color options but all of them are glossy.

Being comfortably positioned in the phablet category, both handsets can be considered as unwieldy. Sure, they are both big boys but the 7 Pro is taking things a bit further and the extra weight doesn't seem to help either. Interestingly enough, the curved edges on the back and front of both phones help with the one-handed operation quite a bit. Ergonomics are great, that's for sure. With the small exception of the power button on the S10+. It's a big phone and it's almost impossible to reach the button to lock the screen and there are no other alternative ways to lock it either. OnePlus' offering, for example, can be locked by double-tapping on an empty space on the screen.

Oneplus 7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Winner: Tie. Firstly, design is a subjective matter and secondly, the 7 Pro and the S10+ both have impeccable build quality. The 7 Pro receives extra points for the pop-up camera mechanism allowing for a true full-screen experience while the Galaxy S10+ takes some praise due to its proper ingress protection. And vice versa - the S10+'s punch-hole camera design won't appeal to everyone while the weight of the 7 Pro can be considered as a drawback too.

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