OnePlus 7 Pro's pop-up selfie camera can hold a 22kg slab of cement without breaking

Vlad, 14 May 2019

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the first device from this company to feature a motorized pop-up selfie camera. Naturally, many of you will have concerns about the mechanism's durability, and OnePlus says it should be fine with at least 300,000 'pops' over the lifetime of the phone. But when popped out that camera sure looks fragile? Is it, though?

That's what OnePlus' latest publicity stunt... erm, promo video wants to answer. Spoiler alert: this video involves a 49.2lb (22.3kg) slab of cement. So it's not for the faint of heart, for sure. Enjoy:

You're probably not ever going to find yourself in a situation in which you'll use the OnePlus 7 Pro's pop-up camera to lift... anything, much less a huge chunk of cement. But the point of this video seems to be the fact that you should rest assured that the pop-up mechanism is strong and durable and that it shouldn't be a deal breaker for you if you're considering a 7 Pro.


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  • AnonD-819322

True. The S7 Edge has the same screen width but is less than 72mm wide.

  • Anonymous

Meant for one-handed use = smartphone Meant for two-handed use = phablet Yes it's that simple. Is 1P7P meant for one hand with its 76 mm width? Obviously not.

Nope, it's a smartphone. Phablets still exist though. Huawei Mate 20X, Honor 8X Max, Honor Y Max and Xiaomi Mi Max 3 are examples. There's about 1cm separating the width of these tablets and this Oneplus 7 Pro smartphone. My old Xiaomi Mi M...