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  • Moch

I have this 7t for about 7 months. Im on android 11 now. So far it never disappointed me. I never got battery drain issue. I have global version. For customization it is one of the best. Very smooth for daily usage. I mostly got SOT over 6 hrs. If u use for gaming more, ofcourse it will drain faster, u will get 4 hrs SOT. But don't worry u can fill the battery from 0 to 100 only for 1hr n 5mnt.

  • Sujal jha

I bought this device last year in the beginning of Lockdown. This device run very smooth and shining.
One of the most favourite feature is 90 fps frame rate with pubg mobile.

Discipline creates greatness it is a simple concept
never expect less than the best oneplus never settle..

  • Sid.9001

After updating abdroid 11 op7t battery draining issue started . Why one plus ? Very sad experience for me of android 11 . Hope it will be solve as fast as possible .

  • Freefaller

I received the official update for Android 11 today and do not recommend it.
Dialer - They have replaced the Favorite icon to a rectangular one. The problem is that they have placed a dark filter on the picture of the contact so that the photo behind it is barely visible. Why?
Messaging - They have replaced the dark green colour on message sent to a garish bright green which is painful to the eyes. I have changed to Google messaging for now.
Notification shade - They have set the default colour to black and red. I changed it to Blue but cannot understand why it was changed.
Battery - The battery now goes down faster than a sinking ship. Every time I open the phone the battery has lost a few more percent without any app running.

  • Hrasti4

Got mine since previous new year so it's kind of long term review. Never been happy with the battery life and expected more. In the beginning they messed up one of the first updates and SOT was horrible. Next update fixed a bit but never managed to get a full day with heavy usage. Got issues with the warp changer and fast charging stopped working. Previous phone was Mate 10 pro and I was far more happier.

Ever since the android 11 update, I've noticed improved battery life and it somehow seems to charge faster. I like having more options for customization too, so currently it's a win. Hoping it doesn't slow down in the future, I'd like to keep this phone until at least 2023

  • Comi

Hi guys. Since last update of Android 11, I noticed battery draining much faster than before. Anybody else with this problem? Is there any chance for another update from OnePlus to solve this issue?

  • Sawon

NerdyFullo, 24 Apr 2021Guys, between 7T and K20 Pro? I need good cameras and ba... moreK20 has for better battery backup and better look(IMO).. but this will have slightly better camera's.

  • Arod

NerdyFullo, 24 Apr 2021Guys, between 7T and K20 Pro? I need good cameras and ba... morebattery life is a no brainer thanks to the 30 watt charger
the oneplus has a higher MP zoom camera than the xiaomi
its your decision and im just giving u information

  • Arod

NerdyFullo, 24 Apr 2021Guys, between 7T and K20 Pro? I need good cameras and ba... moreif your going for smooth and speedy performance and clean android
go for the oneplus
the xiaomi, i dont know
i never owned a xiaomi because i live in america and those phones where never sold due to the lack of american LTE bands and the ban

Guys, between 7T and K20 Pro?

I need good cameras and battery life.

  • Arod

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2021I got this phone today. Really nice phone (amazing amoled... moretry oneplus switch, its a app that works well to your new oneplus phones
works with any old iPhone and android
find it in your play store
(for instructions go to the oneplus website)

  • Anonymous

I got this phone today.
Really nice phone (amazing amoled display comparing to previous models).
Settings on this phone are very complicated and not intuitive and logically organized like on Samsung.

-Complicated hard to find Settings
-absolutely no customization of Home Screen (I had no Choise but to use Nova launcher)
-Navigation gestures while work ok (even with nova launcher ) has hiccups and not as smooth as on iPhone
- Samsung smart switch app not working properly with one plus phone. Takes many attempts to get transfer working and even then some apps won’t transfer

Besides these few minor ( yet very crucial ) drawbacks , phone works smooth and fast just like latest top end Samsung phones.

  • Iniesta

Arod, 07 Apr 2021is it worth buying the 7t like with the 855+ and the ufs 3... moreGo for the One Plus 7T. I recomended

  • Arod

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021Check out the LG G8x for less than $200.its not in america
plus its small (due to my big hands)
plus im a t-mobile user and i cant buy the v50 (which is sad)

  • Anonymous

Arod, 07 Apr 2021is it worth buying the 7t like with the 855+ and the ufs 3... moreCheck out the LG G8x for less than $200.

  • Arod

is it worth buying the 7t
like with the 855+ and the ufs 3.0
is good for heavy games like COD and pudg
what about cameras are they great
im still deciding for LG v50 or this

  • Rocky

Has the Oxygen Os 11 update hit ur phone yet cuz its been 11 days since oneplus said to have released it but am yet to get it

  • Arod

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2021One pus 7t for sure what about in terms of camera and battery life
is it better than v50 because i heard that the cameras are better on the lg

  • Anonymous

Arod, 03 Apr 2021this phone or the LG v50? both are the same price at ebay ... moreOne pus 7t for sure