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  • Anonymous

The OnePlus 7T is still a beast of a phone in 2021 the snapdragon 855+ keeps up very well with processors now days and can beat quite a lot when it comes to speed. Especially with 8GB of RAM you can definitely be speeding through stuff no problem. The OnePlus 7T is definitely a good phone in 2021 it's a bit if a bummer there's no IP rating but as OnePlus has said they do have some protection against the elements.

User of 7T, 08 Sep 2021After the update the phone is just useless, lag everywhere,... moreNot me, my phone is still running smooth and the battery life has been rock solid

Mahboob Siddiqui, 08 Sep 2021Does it have 20x zoom on main camera ? It's 10x

Does it have 20x zoom on main camera ?

  • User of 7T

After the update the phone is just useless, lag everywhere, Battery is honestly getting dried up itself.
Not acceptable from one plus, other people also facing this issue ?

  • Jay

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2021Questions.. Is it ONEPLUS 7T worth it in 2021 especially th... moreHow could u think a xiaomi is better they ovwrheat have no support ghost touch on the screens and worts customer support alwayse choose oneplus over xiaomi

  • Toto

Software go for XR if you want android faster charging fantastic build display chipset then go for 7t only go for x3 pro if you like battery it's outclassed by every aspect
Enjoy whatever you chose
Ps. Oneplus 7t has a better camera then the 8 series and it's seriously good

  • pikachu

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2021Questions.. Is it ONEPLUS 7T worth it in 2021 especially th... morePoco X3 pro is better

  • Anonymous

Questions.. Is it ONEPLUS 7T worth it in 2021 especially there's a similar priced Phone's that have better specs? The one that I'm talking about is the Xiaomi POCO X3 PRO. I'm prefer more software support than specs alone and I'll may also put the iPhone XR in. Which is better? The great UI OS of ONEPLUS 7T and decent software and hardware support, or bulky bloated but featured packed phone for the price the Xiaomi POCO X3 PRO. And the iPhone XR.. Just a little more will* (sorta of) guaranteed 4 years of married life with it...

Jerry2214, 17 Aug 2021What about gaming experience ? Does android 11 new patch i... moreThe last update fixed it for me. No more hot battery, whether charging or using. Back to normal battery life as well.

Still think this is one of the best phones to come out of oneplus.

  • Jerry2214

Leo, 31 Jul 2021New update works great on global(europe) version.What about gaming experience ?
Does android 11 new patch improved battery draing issue?

  • Leo

New update works great on global(europe) version.

  • Wickz

Ca, 03 Jun 2021how the battery life now in 2021 ? Should i get phone ? Just got another patch which bring Reduced Power Consumption,
improved overheating, Fixed few issues.
Not a bad choice to explore factory android set.

  • Paulius

On global Oneplus 7T the new 11 update works perfect, no issues

  • ajralves

OnePlus killed this phone with the A11 update honestly...
Seems like they're not being able to keep the pace of releasing lots of phones and they mantaining them.

  • Ca

how the battery life now in 2021 ? Should i get phone ?

  • Aditya naik

Nowadays this one plus 7t is not working properly after the update l...while writing I cant even put the space in sentences and reject receiving problems also m facing alot

  • Manikanth

NerdyFullo, 24 Apr 2021Guys, between 7T and K20 Pro? I need good cameras and ba... moreI would suggest you to go with Oneplus 7T for the following reasons:
1. Every OP phone will get two major android updates. Accordingly, OP 7T is likely to get Android 12 as well. Also, security updates is likely to be received for 3 years from launch means security updates will be received till Sep'2021.
2. The Oxygen OS in OP 7T very much refined, clean and productivity oriented. MIUI is not to everyone's taste.
3. The performance of OP's camera's are slightly better and presence of OIS gives OP edge.
4. The Selfie camera in K20 pro involves pop up mechanism which cannot be reliable on longer run.
5. The multimedia experience of OP7T is better due to its stereo speakers.
6. The display of OP7T is bright and better calibrated than the display of K20 pro. Also, 90HZ refresh rate of OP's display gives more fluid experience.
7. The Memory of OP7T is UFS 3.0 against slower UFS 2.1 in K20 pro and port of OP7T is USB3.1 against obsolete 2.0 in K20 Pro.
8. OP7T has slight edge in performance owing to overclocked SD855 i.e SD855+ present in OP against SD855 in K20 pro.

Negatives of OP 7T w.r.t K20 pro are:
1. Feels little bulky and bigger camera island at back is little uncomfortable, atleast as per me.
2. No 3.5mm jack in OP7T which is a pre-requisite for music lovers
3. Slightly smaller battery of OP7T coupled with higher refresh rate will give you lesser battery backup although the difference would not be much.

You can go with Oneplus 7T eyes closed.

  • Jeetu Mamtora

OnePlus 7t has heating issue. In gaming mode the battery drain faster. After upgrade to android 11 the battery is draining faster and some bugs are seen . Please resolve this problem OnePlus