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  • SyFySkyE

Finally caved in and picked this up. Was initialing looking into Pixel 4a but this beats it in every way. If you get the TMobile version off their site, not only is it the same price as the 4a, but you get a case and free set of bluetooth earbuds. Also a student discount if you have (or know someone with) an .edu email address. I think you can get this unlocked off as Amazon for a decent price.

Does it have Always-On-Display?

SosukeAizen, 17 Nov 2020Is it a wise decision to buy this phone in Nov 2020?Definitely.

Is it a wise decision to buy this phone in Nov 2020?

I'm using this device for long days and did not face any issues. fully satisfied.

  • Himanshu

Hi guys this phone is really not worth it plus they don't honour warranty claims noticed dust particles had started accumulating in my front camera and rear lenses you camera Pic gets blurred clearly an expensive phone for nothing seriously useless phone never ever buy this brand.
Why would you charge this expensive price and have such problems never expected this kind of flag ship to fail

  • Anonymous

keira, 09 Nov 2020I just got this phone but i can't get LTE working? it&... more4g and LTE is the same

I just got this phone but i can't get LTE working? it's just 4g. i had the same sim from iphone 6s and LTE in my 6s is working fine.

is anyone having a network problem, I always have a problem when I talk on viber there are interruptions.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2020How long do you think the phone will last you?At least until Android 13

  • New OnePlus User

This is the phone that I've been using since October 2019 and no other phone has changed my mind. This phone was definitely a 'bang for your buck'. It's like I'm waiting for another phone to offer what this does at the price that it does it but nothing else thus far can make me spend more money.

On an otherwise clean OS, I don't understand why OnePlus pushes their apps like Zen Mode. Permissions cannot be removed from this app nor can it be uninstalled. To me, Zen Mode feels like spyware that I cannot get rid off. These intrusive apps and other apps that OnePlus pushes in their OS after you have bought a OnePlus phone is outrageous, and it is the only reason that I will NOT be purchasing another OnePlus device

  • Anonymous

Tito, 25 Oct 2020Who is better oneplus 7t or mate 20 pro or s10 plus7t

  • Whitehart

I'm using 7T since February and I'm very, very happy with it. Great phone, ultra fast, nice screen, nice battery life, good camera. And it's not too expensive. A true flagship killer.

  • Mochq8

Tito, 25 Oct 2020Who is better oneplus 7t or mate 20 pro or s10 plusIf s10 plus using is the best choice

  • Tito

Who is better oneplus 7t or mate 20 pro or s10 plus

  • Iniesta

I desagree. The One Plus 7T is a Great Phone. Is Hugh

Aryan, 20 Oct 2020Oneplus 7t is very worst phone for software update.... It&#... more..I agree no secure or anything since 5/2020...too late gonna chance my phone name.....

  • TerrFX

I'm tryna buy a phone in this price range, and I mostly use them to play games. At first, I wanted to buy poco f2 pro because of its sd865, but it doesn't have a 90hz refresh rate. I checked out x2 pro because of its high refresh rate but I don't really like it's water drop notch, and some reviews say that they do not really like Realme UI. OnePlus 7t has a similar water drop notch, but it does have a way better UI than x2 pro does. Any suggestions?

  • Aryan

Oneplus 7t is very worst phone for software update.... It's too late for software update..... Worst phone ever for software update.

  • Moch

Aryan, 11 Oct 2020Noyou can install it manually..just google the file n for instruction you csn find in youtube..its very easy step..i did my self successfully.