OnePlus 8T video teardown goes hunting for the two batteries inside

Vlad, 16 October 2020

The OnePlus 8T became official this week, and we've already seen it subjected to JerryRigEverything's trademark 'durability test', right on the day of the event.

But what if you wanted to go deeper? Inside the device? To see what it looks like under all that fancy glass and metal? Well, for that purpose, the same Zack has you covered with this here teardown video, in which he goes hunting for the two batteries inside.

Two batteries has to do with how Warp Charge 65 works, itself merely a licensed Oppo technology. Think of this 65W system as two 32.5W systems working in parallel to charge two separate 2,250 mAh batteries, and you get the gist of the idea without us having to go into any more technical detail.

While there's only one battery pack visible in the OnePlus 8T, it's pretty obvious that inside that pack there are two distinct halves, complete with a crease between them.

Check out the video if you want to see all of the OnePlus 8T's internals, exposed, including a bunch of waterproofing measures that are packed inside, despite the lack of an official water resistance rating. And if you're interested in learning more about the OnePlus 8T, don't miss our hands-on review.


Reader comments

The oppo devices from which the tech is lifted held 96% of the original capacity after two years of recharging. I currently have the RX17 Pro a 2 year old phone and the battery is perfectly good. And even if it is bad it takes 20 mins to go from 20 t...

  • Anonymous

you are naive to believe they were good at first. Thats all marketing. Since the first one plus they already cheating customer with the optical illusion. You dont remember how they fake the oneplus phone size versus sony ?

Battery health will be halved with two batteries. Oneplus already had a problem with that, now this is going to be a major problem... And if you ask them to pay for a battery change, they will also charge you 2way transportation and man labour. ...

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