OnePlus announces Ace Pro Genshin Impact Limited Edition

Yordan, 25 October 2022

The OnePlus Ace Pro is the company’s current flagship in China, and it's known overseas as the OnePlus 10T. Today it gets a new variant called Genshin Impact Limited Edition - it comes a new theme with custom-made animations and colors, as well as a new back panel, instead of the plain Black/Green.

OnePlus announces Ace Pro Genshin Impact Limited Edition

On the inside this OnePlus Ace Pro edition matches the top version of the regular phone - 16GB RAM, 512GB storage, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, and a 4,800 mAh battery with 150W charging.

The retail box is much richer however, OnePlus packed a special case that is in line with the Genshin Impact theme, some vouchers and shopping points for the Oppo store, and some stickers and posters.

The theme is part of the customization options that come with ColorOS 12.1 - the icons have a different design, there are new wallpapers and the color scheme of the UI is also on point with the whole Genshin Impact theme.

OnePlus announces Ace Pro Genshin Impact Limited Edition

The phone is priced at CNY4,299, which is about $588, but more interestingly, this is the same price as the regular 16/512 GB version of the OnePlus Ace Pro. The package is up for registration/pre-order on all major Chinese retailers, including Oppo’s store but the phone is unlikely to make it outside China.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 14 Mar 2023
  • fkn

I really want the phone information pls quick

  • Anonymous
  • 08 Nov 2022
  • jk4

No cap these phones are probably just going get old anyways I don't know why they are so great but my opinion is that it's great and bad at the same time but this phone could be use for anything.

You have interesting points, I agree that mobile devices of today are far too expensive. However, that doesn't really mean much about these limited edition game-centric phones. Especially because they are both the same price as their regularly d...

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