OnePlus Gaming Triggers go on sale in India

Michail, 22 April 2021

Initially teased during the OnePlus 9 series launch event, the OnePlus Gaming Triggers are now up for sale in India. The clip-on accessory adds two shoulder buttons that attach independently on both Android and iOS devices as long as their thickness does not exceed 11.5 mm. OnePlus touts the new accessory as ideal for multiplayer titles like PUBG, Call of Duty and Free Fire.

The Gaming Triggers work through the conductive silicone pads which attach to your device’s screen. OnePlus notes that screen protectors may alter touch sensitivity and lead to inconsistencies. If that occurs you should remove the protector. You also need to program the triggers from the setting menu of each game.

OnePlus Gaming Triggers OnePlus Gaming Triggers
OnePlus Gaming Triggers

OnePlus Gaming Triggers use Omron switches for superior feedback and come in a single black colorway. Pricing is set at INR 1,099 ($14.6) and we still don’t have confirmation if they will be sold in other markets.



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  • Anonymous

1000 inr for these two plastic clips, in India spinbot already sells a mobile holding gamepad with clips add on for 650 inr on both amazon & flipkart !

To make it model agnostic. Case is tailored to specific devices. With these you can use any phone.

If you're in rain I don't think your first priority should be playing games

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