OnePlus is the fastest growing phone maker in the US in 2021 thus far

Ricky, 31 July 2021
OnePlus is the fastest growing phone maker in the US in 2021 thus far

OnePlus has gone through a strategic shift in the last year or so. With the launch of the Nord lineup, it has been able to aggressively expand to new markets within Europe and India, all while raising brand awareness in the US – known to be a very difficult market for Chinese OEMs to break through.

OnePlus just announced that its aggressive expansion is showing in its numbers. The company’s growth resulted in a 257% increase in number of shipments globally (including China, India, EU, and US) in the first half of the year. This compared to the same time frame last year.

The OnePlus Nord lineup is attributed to the increase in shipments. OnePlus claims it has sold more than 1 million Nord N devices since January and the US saw an impressive increase of 428% YoY in H1 21. It appears that OnePlus has nestled itself into the premium segment in the US since the midrange Nord lineup isn’t sold States side.

Meanwhile in Europe, OnePlus shipments grew by 301% YoY. In India, Counterpoint Research data reveals that in Q2 ’21 the company took 48% market share of the premium smartphone market segment. Finally, in China, where OnePlus only sells the 9 series, shipments grew by 124% YoY in H1 of this year.

All of this is indeed wonderful news for OnePlus. The company is growing very quickly, even in the very-difficult US market. We are concerned whether OnePlus is growing too quickly and it could stretch itself too thin. Then again, now that the company has more tightly integrated with Oppo, the company should be able to manage the growth. We’re interested to see if OnePlus will be able to keep this momentum.



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Long term support on iOS is laughable

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Okay. Maybe. But Switch to Android.

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