OnePlus launches Red Cable Club for fans in India

Victor, 23 December 2019

OnePlus undeniably owns most of its success to strong community engagement. Guerrilla marketing and aggressive pricing can only take you so far. Beyond that, there is fan loyalty, feedback and engagement. All things OnePlus has really become an expert at after six successful years on the market.

OnePlus launches Red Cable Club for fans in India

In yet another admirable user engagement effort, the OnePlus Red Cable Club has now opened its doors in India. Well, virtual doors, that is, since it's an online club, open to all OnePlus users, all the way the the original flagship-killer OnePlus One. To join you need to update your phone to the latest software version, head over to the profile settings section, log in with you OnePlus account and link your phone's IMEI number.

Alternatively, you can also get the latest OnePlus community app from the Google Play Store and log-in to your account and link the phone's IMEI from there. Looking at the list of benefits, these extra steps are definitely worth the effort:

  • The Red Cable Jackpot. (Valid till 31st December): This is a sweepstakes, of sorts. You can try your luck once a day at winning curated gift boxes worth INR 1,00,000 or 50% off on OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earphones.
  • Free cloud storage: 50GB free for one year.

Then there is also the OnePlus Care Benefits program, which originally launched back in October, offering free 1-year extended warranty to OnePlus 6T users. Now it is extended and slightly changed-around and includes an extra warranty for the 7 series and 7T series phones as well. Older models can benefit from 50% off and labour-free battery replacements. And there is also an upgrade plan. In goes as follows:

Model Free 1-Year Extended Warranty 50% off on battery replacement Upgrade Plan
OnePlus 1/2/X
OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T/6
OnePlus 6T/7 series/7T Series

You can read more about the Red Cable Club at the source link, where OnePlus has a convenient FAQ section set-up.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Sorry brah, those skins being trash and bloated or not as fast was an argument valid in 2017, not so much in 2020. Delay in updates might be by a maximum of 2-3 months compared to OnePlus which is okay for most users. Not like they have to wait a w...

  • Anonymous

None of those are nearly as fast or as good looking as a OnePlus smartphone, and all of their skins are trash. Also, if you're lucky enough to get software updates it's always very slow.

One update came today and able to subscribe this time.

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