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Seems to be an issue with GooglePay and as security patches may not be up to date. Unable to register some of my cards with GooglePay on this phone wherras they work on the Nord.

Anyone else have this issue?

    For front & rear cameras: Natural-looking / true-to-life (not too saturated), Decent OIS / EIS, Good dynamic range, Low noise, Sharp, Great audio recording and incremental (but necessary) improvement over last year's model - who gets your vote... Poco F4 5G, Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G, OnePlus Nord 2T, Realme 9 Pro Plus or Moto Edge 30? And your Top 3 in fastest in pushing updates?

      • C
      • Charlie
      • vx}
      • 05 Jul 2022

      Trust me the battery vows start as soon as you update the phone to latest software updates the following year. Unnecessary hype around battery isnt worth.

        • S
        • Sanjay
        • sST
        • 05 Jul 2022

        This won't have the oneplus UI (rather oxygen skin & features) that all oneplus loyalists were accustomed to. It says oxygen OS in specs, but it's really color OS in disguise which isn't that good.

        Oneplus isn't the oneplus loyalists once believed in.

          Between the Nord 2T & Nord 2:
          1. Which phone in practice (not just specs) produces natural (not oversaturated), sharp, low noise, better dynamic range, good low light/night mode photos and great video stabilisation for its main and selfie cameras?
          2. Are both phones considered splashproof and safe for minor liquid exposure to water or rain? (from accidents)
          Disappointed with Samsung coz of slow performing phones. Xiaomi has slow updates.
          Please help me choose. Many Thanks. 

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            • Anonymous
            • CbC
            • 03 Jul 2022

            Anonymous, 02 Jul 2022I will not buy a OnePlus ever again after the OnePlus Nord n10 🤬Why ?

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              • Ik
              • p6y
              • 02 Jul 2022

              Grey Wolf, 02 Jul 2022Samsung mid-range phones (especially the new A3x ones) have... moreMotorola: am I a joke to you?

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                • Anonymous
                • I1F
                • 02 Jul 2022

                I will not buy a OnePlus ever again after the OnePlus Nord n10 🤬

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                  • Grey Wolf
                  • ppq
                  • 02 Jul 2022

                  damson, 28 Jun 2022Using this phone for 10 days, very fluid UI, photos are in ... moreSamsung mid-range phones (especially the new A3x ones) have the biggest plus longer software support. While this Nord 2T will probably get 2 OS updates and 3 years of security updates, the Galaxy A53 for example will get 4 OS updates and 5 years of security updates.
                  Of course, how the Exynos 1280 will perform on Android 15 or 16 is a mystery. Most probably will lag like hell.
                  Also, Samsung phones have lots of bloatware (similar with Xiaomi phones).

                  The choice is rather simple. You want smooth lag free experience, but worse software support, go for OnePlus or Realme phones. You want better and longer software support, but worse performance go for Samsung.

                    • G
                    • Grey Wolf
                    • ppq
                    • 01 Jul 2022

                    RandyRiffin, 26 May 2022And the fact that it doesn't improve one bit over the ... moreThat is why is called OnePlus Nord 2T. Is just small update of the OnePlus Nord 2. Is not meant for OnePlus Nord 2 owners. And if you have an original OnePlus Nord, this 2T is a better option.
                    Or you can wait for the OnePlus Nord 3, but probably it will be at least couple of months.

                      Jemlim, 16 Jun 2022what battery capacity do you expect it to be? 80w with 4500... moreMost anons in GSMArena are just NPCs or Wojacks who are crying over a goddamn SD card slot and headphone jack

                        • d
                        • damson
                        • DGA
                        • 28 Jun 2022

                        Using this phone for 10 days, very fluid UI, photos are in the range of A52s which was my previous phone (ultrawide is a bit worse on 2T). Overall, a good and fast phone.

                          Ryahi Skaprinav, 27 Jun 2022Another phone with usb2.0. OnePlus should stop cost cutting... moreyou should tell that to xiaomi. where they put usb c 2.0 into their flagship phones

                            • R
                            • Ryahi Skaprinav
                            • BEc
                            • 27 Jun 2022

                            Another phone with usb2.0. OnePlus should stop cost cutting there.

                              Mar2022, 25 Jun 2022Nord 2 main camera sensor is Imx766 is one of the best in t... moreWhat are you even talking? IMX586 is 48MP, and Mi 11 Lite has 64MP!

                                • M
                                • Mar2022
                                • mAZ
                                • 25 Jun 2022

                                oio, 05 Jun 2022shouldve bought Nord 2, it has a far more powerful chipset ... moreNord 2 main camera sensor is Imx766 is one of the best in the world with optical stabilisation and amazing night mode capabilities.
                                Mi 11 lite sensor is an old Imx 586 without stabilisation.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Tui
                                  • 22 Jun 2022

                                  Anonymous, 20 Jun 2022Always on display?yes just like nord 2 amoled this has always on display

                                    • F
                                    • Frte 124
                                    • mVA
                                    • 21 Jun 2022

                                    offering ultra-fast charging that takes 1700 cycles (over four years) to reach 80% capacity.

                                    150 Watts = 5000 mAh battery..

                                      • V
                                      • VICY
                                      • utT
                                      • 21 Jun 2022

                                      does it support wireless charging

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • I@H
                                        • 20 Jun 2022

                                        Always on display?