OnePlus Nord CE4

OnePlus Nord CE4

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Good size battery and fast charging, nice screen and stereo speakers. What isn't there to like?

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    • Arvin
    • 7tN
    • 18 Jun 2024

    Jujujij, 27 Mar 2024Hmm.. I might buy this over the Poco x6 pro solely because ... moreThe phone support microSD card. Basically it has hybris sim slot

      The only problem for me is the selfie camera only 16? Make 32 or 20 and 60fps at least

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        • Then 321
        • JHm
        • 17 Jun 2024

        maanyus, 15 Jun 2024can someone tell me what to choose between Samsung A35, A54... moreSamsung galaxy A 55 5g.
        OnePlus ?

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          • maanyus
          • 7kk
          • 15 Jun 2024

          can someone tell me what to choose between Samsung A35, A54 , and i
          OnePlus Nord CE 4

          the A35 and A54 are roughly same price whilst 1+ a decent amount cheaper

            wonder if this model gonna come in malaysia?

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              • MrJimi2011
              • LJL
              • 06 Jun 2024

              Latest SD 7? Check.
              A great combo of Wide and Ultra-Wide cameras? Check.
              MicroSD storage expansion? Double check.

              It has great specs... But it really sucks that phone doesn't have a global version (that's a must, at least for me).

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                • Dik
                • K3q
                • 04 Jun 2024

                A55 is better

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                  • Amo Akbar
                  • 6p6
                  • 02 Jun 2024

                  Evil crash bandicoot, 21 May 2024Did his 📷 less power than galaxy a73 5g?Yes bro I sell my galaxy a72 to have this phone" its mazing and good looking phone. I liked Samsung but the 70 to 73 series not this a55 its not good and I dont like it but the Oneplus is amazing..

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                    • Anonymous
                    • vaS
                    • 01 Jun 2024

                    Anonymous, 24 May 2024It's a shame and it should be forbidden by laws that t... moreIs this India only?

                    Karma will come to Samsung and other companies one day. The A55 is getting close to losing 50% its launch price on our used markets. Apple also has used products to compete against their brand new ones. Guess those long support may end up backfiring on them lol.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • sgj
                      • 24 May 2024

                      Prashant, 05 Apr 2024it is having Panda glassOr grizzly bear cat resistant glass ? Or more often than not, basic hardneded glass with factory film protector on it

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                        • Anonymous
                        • sgj
                        • 24 May 2024

                        Anonymous, 07 Apr 2024Samsung + cfw = permanently broken Samsung Pay, non working... moreIt's a shame and it should be forbidden by laws that those Samsung and others fuse lock and so on. Samsung and Apple and even Xiaomi ( if you tried unblock Xiaomi bootloader you know what I mean...)

                        If I pay for the phone, it's mine, not their. I do whatever I want with it.

                        Invoking it's for our safety the fuse and all... Major thumb down + big red flag.

                        More and more a bummer me.

                        Abiut rhat CE 4 at that price, with gen 3, looks vaporware. Really. Maybe a few 'smart' oeole could get it in India, that's about it. It's not a phone 'for the world's really. That's why I'm perplex with that one + brand. But I love their look, have to admit, and os runs smoothly and not too spyi and bloated ( not the case for any other Chino brands )

                        Thanks for reading all that !

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                          • Anonymous
                          • GQi
                          • 22 May 2024

                          This new model have wireless charging

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                            • Evil crash bandicoot
                            • 7Pk
                            • 21 May 2024

                            Did his 📷 less power than galaxy a73 5g?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • MMQ
                              • 19 May 2024

                              no Wi-Fi 7.
                              no 1600 cycles.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • fCB
                                • 18 May 2024

                                S.A.M.A.R, 13 May 2024does this phone have always on display?yes

                                  S.A.M.A.R, 13 May 2024does this phone have always on display?Yes, yes it does.

                                    Anonymous, 17 May 2024Display blue ray problem is the main issue in one plus mobi... moreStop lying bot, nobody believes you.

                                    Go feed your propaganda to someone on Facebook or something. They might actually take you seriously.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 2FY
                                      • 17 May 2024

                                      Display blue ray problem is the main issue in one plus mobile. There is no doubt that about blue ray this is why i suggest of all don't buy one plus mobile. Thank you~

                                        Oneplus Nord CE4 , 10 May 2024It’s Oxygen Os not color os Why you said Color OsBasically the same thing at this point