OnePlus Nord N100

OnePlus Nord N100

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020For 200 euros in Europe it's a very bad deal. People c... morePoco has ads implemented in it and the launcher is really bad as good as the specs look

  • DonutTramp

NeonHD, 22 Nov 2020"Don't throw your mouth on something that you nev... moreHe's just a fanboy who just bought a 720p display smartphone and couldn't accept that 720p display is a horrendous, he will move on eventually.

  • Anonymous

For 200 euros in Europe it's a very bad deal. People can just buy poco x3 nfc which is better in every aspect for 25 more euros or redmi note 9 pro for the same or a little less money.

They should have used a regular 60hz screen and sold it for ~125 euros. Regardless if this cpu can or can't mantain 90fps constantly, it's still stupid to waste the budget on that instead on a stronger cpu or more ram.
With these features it seems to be a silly attempt to trick consumers with less knowedge on smartphones to buy it.

Why use 3 garbage cameras instead of a single decent one? Why use a random 90hz screen that is just 720p on such a large screen size? The more complicated things such as processor and ram are obviously compromised as the average consumer can't tell if they are good or bad.

The software is also compromised since it's launch. It comes with android 10 which is already behind with just 1 promised update to 11 which is the current version. So practically it won't receive any updates all all.

The big battery seems geniunely good, just as on nearly all phones nowadays. It's still nice to see that they didn't mess this up at least.

Overall this device doesn't feel like a oneplus at all. Until recently the brand represented the best value devices, now they have converted to overpriced generic low quality phones. The screens on the 8 series were also mass flawed since they used cheap oleds. I won't be surprised if the N100 also has hardware flaws that will be discovered later on.

13abySouL-, 19 Nov 2020720p is fine on 6.5" screen Have you ever use it ? ... more"Don't throw your mouth on something that you never used.
Think first before speak out."

Meanwhile two other people above disagreed with you. Seems like you are the one who needs to think first LOL.

  • Duud

And now after its been released and it ships with 90hz display no one is complaining. Btw the build quality is much better then any redmi, vivo, oppo or any other china brand 👍
Specs for money i would rate it 7/10
Build quality 9/10 (even If its plastic back)
Overall experience 8/10

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]should be usd 100

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Poco X3..... this phone is super fast..... and costs 300$...

  • Anonymous

3.5mm and micro sd on a oneplus. Nice

QUALCOM SD460?? Oneplus , have some respect for your fans!

  • Ahsan

13abySouL-, 19 Nov 2020720p is fine on 6.5" screen Have you ever use it ? ... more720p on 6.5inch display is garbage and bad for eyesight
Have u ever see a 1080p display
I am using 720p 6inh display & i hate it
And its huawei display far better their realme i have seen both even infinix has better diplay then realme

  • Riggators

13abySouL-, 19 Nov 2020720p is fine on 6.5" screen Have you ever use it ? ... more720p on 6.5 inches is horrible, don't lie to yourself to cover what you bought but it's still not to late to regret by the way.
You haven't seen anything better than 720P if you say it's OK.

  • Pix

I ordered N100 on 11th of November and it arrived 3 days ago. Tried out everything on it. Performance for 200€ phone is outstanding and screen isn’t so bad. I mean you can see pixels if your nose is next to it, but its not noticable at reasonable distance. Battery is great, speakers lack deepness/low notes. I’d give it 8/10. If you are thinking about buying this phone then I promise, it’ll not dissapoint you.

NeonHD, 16 Nov 2020I also keep making this same comparison but it seems that m... more720p is fine on 6.5" screen

Have you ever use it ?
Don't throw your mouth on something that you never used.
Think first before speak out.

PS :
I've used Realme C17 which has same spec but different storage ( mine was 6/256)

PS people who say for for Nokia go for Snapdragon 665. You now I used the Nokia 5.3 with Snapdragon 665 it lagged so hard even on the most simple task as Facebook messenger. Nokia don't care about optimized system they just make it look clean then everything lags hard instead. Also the 460 is almost exactly the same processor it's so close you would not be able to tell much difference between them. So please use phones before posting trash about them. I do not recommend Nokia anymore if you have access to oppo or vivo please buy if you really think you get more.

Have people here even used this phone before writing here ? This is good for it's price, compared to the Samsung a21s this is much smoother and faster. Camera is complete trash but other than that it's good. Fast smooth performance with big battery and fast charging. Also the screen has 90hz yes it's 720p who cares looks good to me and good dual speakers, It miss nfc but have no use for it anyways. Overall all good for social media and media playback. Yes there might be better options out there but those Chinese phones don't sell everywhere.. so shut up about vivo or oppo my God never even seen such phone in real life because it does not sell here where I live. Just for a smartphone for idk work and social media go it's good. Snapdragon 460 is not that bad that people think, don't read specs from a spec sheet, it's how optimized everything is that matters in real life use.

joe nodden, 16 Nov 2020Except the height isn't proportionate to the width on ... moreHow many 16:9 phones have been released since 2019? I'm sure there are some, but I'm not aware of any personally.

dbjungle, 16 Nov 2020Width is definitely the most important, but I wouldn't... moreExcept the height isn't proportionate to the width on most devices. For all you know these people are still using 16:9 phones. Meanwhile now we're starting to see more and more 21:9 phones. (Meaning more height less width)

joe nodden, 16 Nov 2020Phone height doesn't matter. Your thumb isn't gon... moreWidth is definitely the most important, but I wouldn't go as far as to say the height doesn't matter. But the height is proportionate to the width on most devices.

  • SidGeek

Not worth a price tag. You can get amazing phones from Nokia VIVO Xiaomi Realme Oppo Huawei with More good specs

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020nowadays even very Low-end phones been more than 153mm size... morePhone height doesn't matter. Your thumb isn't gonna reach the top left corner when using one hand unless the display is impractically small. So the only two dimensions that matter are width and thickness.