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OnePlus Nord N100

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Plz drop a review regarding nord n100 !!!

No NFC, no party...

Anon, 05 Nov 2021This phone is garbage. Very often the LTE/Data does not w... moreI second that on the fingerprint scanner. Awesome for a free phone, good performance, but it has literally the worst fingerprint scanner I have ever experienced on any device.

  • inguru

I think this device is great for a budget device. Yes, fingerprint & unlock screen is not that much fast compare to expensive devices but it gets the job done. I am using this device for few months now i have not seem a reason to complain about the device compare to the price. If you take pic in indoor then the camera shows very poor quality but with proper lighting it does take great pics. When taking pic in sunlight photos are great. I will say if you love oneplus & the oxygen OS customization features then go for it. It is a great budget device.

  • Anon

This phone is garbage.
Very often the LTE/Data does not work. I always have to reset APN and switch between 3G/4G to get it working.
The camera is bad, battery is ok. Performance is shit, keeps lagging on apps and multitasking. The finger print scanner is the WORST I've ever had the mispleasure of using, every time i try to unlock it says "too fast" or "dirty scanner" and device locks up for 5 minutes. Stupid design, bad quality, and new OnePlus OS update has bloatware, wasn't the whole point of the OS to be "Bloat free"?

  • jereremyg

This Phone is the worst one i ever tried in my life, i know is cheap but you can get a xiaomi, poco m3 for around the same price and outperform this 300%,

  • Gtg

My Honest suggestion, DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP ! Oneplus spoiled their name and not listening to the customers. There are so many issues in this phone. Total waste of money.

  • Gtg

Dear One Plus, Please give your firmware update in N100 model as it has so many issues related to software side. Don't spoil One Plus brand image and solve the issues soon.

  • baz1982

volume every two days goes back to zero making it most unreliable for accepting calls

  • Eddie HB

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021The Poco m3 is not bad as people say Like seriously, please how bad and good is poco m3
Most people murdered the poco m3 in their experiences

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 May 2021Guys, does it support Gcam?The Poco m3 is not bad as people say


  • Percival

Poetta90, 16 Jul 2021same here i am so mf pissed especially after how excited i ... moreMan you are comparing a base model with iPhone. Price matters.

  • G2g

Worst phone ever i bought. Heard lots of good things about Oneplus but this phone is crap. Despite of 4gb ram it is very slow in processing. Screen touch not responsive. Sensors are not working properly. Simply worst phone to buy even in this price range.

  • DL

Got it for around 110€, tremendously nice for the price.
Coming from a Redmi Note 7.
Camera is a downgrade but looks good, front camera is on par.
90hz is nice. Big battery makes it hold up in heavier usage.
For the size and battery capacity is not as heavy as I would expect.
Has internal 64GB AND microSD.
Also Note 7 had a horrible bluetooth range and this can easily 4x the BT range on that but it's really xiaomi's fault.

Really only one complaint, it's a little weird but on some of the "3x" video websites Chrome hangs and crashes. I switched to Brave to try it out and it worked.

On every other app it's snappy and stable.

Don't miss it, and totally don't regret this buy. Will use it till it breaks.

  • Anonymous

Camera quality

  • Soulreaver1389

I bought the Oneplus Nord N100 on June 27 and the phone has been having issues from day 1. The phone refused to switch on with 24hr charging. I tried all the troubleshooting methods to recover the phone but did not have any success.
- Battery takes a long time to charge
- If you have too many apps on the phone, the chances that it overheats is very high.
- Phone becomes really slow if you have a lot of apps on it

Rating : 1/5

I reached out to oneplus support, sent them videos of the issue as well

Oneplus Support Response :
Nora Flores 07/19/2021 09:50 AM

Thank you for the revert.

With regards to your query, I kindly request you to send your device to the service center for inspection. To create a repair request, please follow the steps given below:

If you like throwing away money, then this is the phone for you

  • Anonymous

why cannot this phone catch wifi from nearer router? Is there any solution for the problem?

  • Ala

Fast charging 18W
But no option in phone fast charging and full charge take 2 h

  • That guy

Indra, 24 Jul 2021Third class product,HTC is better then this.Whoa easy.the phone is capable for it's level no need to bash it