OnePlus Nord N100

OnePlus Nord N100

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  • Soulreaver1389

I bought the Oneplus Nord N100 on June 27 and the phone has been having issues from day 1. The phone refused to switch on with 24hr charging. I tried all the troubleshooting methods to recover the phone but did not have any success.
- Battery takes a long time to charge
- If you have too many apps on the phone, the chances that it overheats is very high.
- Phone becomes really slow if you have a lot of apps on it

Rating : 1/5

I reached out to oneplus support, sent them videos of the issue as well

Oneplus Support Response :
Nora Flores 07/19/2021 09:50 AM

Thank you for the revert.

With regards to your query, I kindly request you to send your device to the service center for inspection. To create a repair request, please follow the steps given below:

If you like throwing away money, then this is the phone for you

  • Anonymous

why cannot this phone catch wifi from nearer router? Is there any solution for the problem?

  • Ala

Fast charging 18W
But no option in phone fast charging and full charge take 2 h

  • That guy

Indra, 24 Jul 2021Third class product,HTC is better then this.Whoa easy.the phone is capable for it's level no need to bash it

  • KK

Am planning to buy, should i buy ??

  • Indra

Third class product,HTC is better then this.

  • Anonymous

SBR, 22 Jul 2021Don't update to Oxygen OS 11(android 11) Wi-Fi is not... moreShould I buy it ???

  • Anonymous

mary francis, 28 May 2021just got this phone , first oneplus and blowning away by ov... moreAny major issues ??

  • SBR

Don't update to Oxygen OS 11(android 11)
Wi-Fi is not working properly

  • country

North, 15 Jul 2021I wanted to buy it but reviews are really bad, why does it ... moreits a base thats why it has issues .it does overheat ,lag if running multiple windows or switching pages fast.rated at 2 day battery life but even mildly using it all day battery drops to 15% or less. This is a great budget phone for children and teens .gameplay and imaging is probably best qualitys...Interesting to see what will be improved or substituted on the new replacement models.

  • Anonymous

Techboy-Dexe, 16 Jul 2021Does it lag And are there any other problems Pls answer yes it lags and this only day 7 and my mf phone wont charge past 14% for the last 24 hr i have verizon 5g wireless and starting yesterday my phone has been moving really slow and overheating for no reason and i have unlimited data and have not reached my cap it's definitely the phone because my other phone is working way faster this phone sucks im selling it online rn as we speak man if your strapped for cash its better to purchase a phone through affirm or quadpay and just make payments on it theirs no credit check either and get a iphone or galaxy honestly

Poetta90, 16 Jul 2021trust us it's not worth the buy at all no nfc and my p... moreDoes it lag
And are there any other problems
Pls answer

  • Poetta90

North, 15 Jul 2021I wanted to buy it but reviews are really bad, why does it ... moretrust us it's not worth the buy at all no nfc and my phone is literally like 6 days old and im not constantly on it after 30 mins of listening to mf music my phone overheats bad and warns me and goes into cooling mode thus turning all my open windows off which is like 3 at once !!!! ridiculous!

  • Poetta90

Zenki Z33, 23 May 2021Ive had the oneplus nord n100 for about a month now and i c... moresame here i am so mf pissed especially after how excited i was to try a nord and this is my 1st phone and no mf nfc like you gott be mf kidding me mannn!!! im going back to apple!!!! its 2021 dude no nfc like ?????

  • North

I wanted to buy it but reviews are really bad, why does it have so many problems? I had many cheap phones including Alcatel U3 and I know its no masterpiece but none of my phones faced this kind of problems. Is it even worth? Should I expect those problems?

  • Jumbo

It seems like leftover food thrown to stray animals on the street by Oneplus. Wait thrown food is free and it costs huge for what leftover thing is valued. Nice to see when oneplus wants to cut down to budget it fails. Totally garbage.

  • Anonymous

if was btw 150mm_155mm

then was someting else

especially for me, i have small hands

  • Vanida

I got the NORD 100 because it was cheap and I heard it was a good device. I know the reviews says it's a bad phone but I in my opinion, I actually like it. Compared to my Samsung a51 phone this one has a bigger screen, slightly heavy so (and I like heavy phones so I know there is a phone on me), screen size is bigger than samsung phone to and overall display is wider instead if just long. I have no problem with the camera because I use it to post on Instagram, talk to clients, play social media. I don't play games so I'm not a gamer but it's a god phone so far

  • Anonymous

Skrill, 23 Jun 2021Is the performance any better than the y6sTotally better

  • Anonymous

It's a rebranded oppo a53 2020