OnePlus Nord N10 5G

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

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  • SXm
  • 09 Nov 2022

hybrid dual sim

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    • eftee
    • X{S
    • 31 Oct 2022

    SuperSpruce, 09 Dec 2021Why does everyone praise the original OnePlus Nord when thi... morelolll

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      • p%8
      • 29 Oct 2022

      If your screen dims suddenly, open a game and change the brightness with a gaming mode's brightness slider. It appears to be the most common issue with this phone, and I have experienced it since the very beginning. It's surprising it has not been fixed yet.

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        • iclapcheeks
        • 4uK
        • 15 Oct 2022

        I've had the phone for over a year now.
        The phone is a "*performance* budget phone" so don't expect anything spectacular while giving the benefit of the doubt for the price you pay.
        I can say that it becomes a problem with applications that use a lot of ram in background. Or games with high graphics. Otherwise, it responds very well.
        The 5G works most of the time. Though LTE+ is a common siting. I have Google Fi.
        The length is more than most phones I've come across but definitely very appreciated for reading.
        Brightness in full sun is poor. Indoors and dark, it is blinding. The display is good on the eyes at 90hz.
        Sound is great when in landscape. Loud when in portrait (depending on media).
        Charges fast. Very fast when it's cold.
        Only gripe I have is the lack of wireless charging but an adapter from eBay or Amazon will do the trick.
        All in all, great budget phone. Give it a try and don't overuse it.

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          • Tahir
          • sSx
          • 30 Sep 2022

          RTamas, 20 Sep 2022Strange I never had any of the mentioned issues, my biggest... moreHow to resolve this issue in setting

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            • Hxh
            • 23 Sep 2022

            Mark, 24 May 2022I've had a lot of the same problems others have mentio... moreYes you are right and had the same problem in my mobile too....

              Strange I never had any of the mentioned issues, my biggest concerns are - low contrast screen (around 700 contrast ratio) and limited chipset (2 big cores are limited even smaller cores) once you remove these limitations, you get proper results (this comes with more heating obviously, but not a real issue)

                Anonymous, 03 Sep 2022No way you would buy the phone is badyou guys are joking right? I've been daily driving it for 2 years.
                It's not had a single hiccup. I've thrown modern mobile games like Genshin Impact, Punishing Gray raven... at it without problem, running at the 90fps for the 90hz display.
                The Camera is very good too
                Taken in Normal Camera Mode:
                Taken in ProMode with the 64MP Lense: (too big for imgur) :)

                Battery has lasted me most active days without any problems. 5G Connectivity highly depends on your City's infrastructure more so than the Phones Chip. For which is it say, I've not had problems, living in a Metropolitan City.

                Did I mention it has Bluetooth LE? Which is going to be the new standard in the coming years for Wireless Earbuds, Speakers, etc?

                I mean just looking at the specs on this site should give you an idea.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • fuZ
                  • 10 Sep 2022

                  Zuni13, 12 Jun 2022I'm using this model since from 2 months, it doesn... moreIt's true

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                    • daily driver 2020
                    • IbG
                    • 07 Sep 2022

                    The cameras are bad, and it occasionally full restarts if you throw too many commands at the chip. Even using T-Mobile service is bad (I don't even have 5G enabled due to the fact that it'll keep trying to connect to finicky 5G instead of LTE)

                    Overall, fine phone though. About the biggest phone my hands are able to handle comfortably. I don't use the fingerprint sensor. 3.5MM jack and USB-C is king. Battery life is 8h SOT for me with lowest brightness and medium battery saver.

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                      • I1F
                      • 03 Sep 2022

                      No way you would buy the phone is bad

                        It was an awesome handset, but updates ruined it. And there's no known way to turn off automatic updates. No matter what you do, it'll update itself.

                          Arul, 04 Aug 2022This Oneplus Nord N10 5G does not support dual simIt certainly does support dual sim.

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                            • I1F
                            • 07 Aug 2022

                            Auto rotation fingerprint sensor flickering top won't go back up when playing sonic forces bad phone do not buy out of date not a phone worth the money

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                              • Arul
                              • y2g
                              • 04 Aug 2022

                              This Oneplus Nord N10 5G does not support dual sim

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                                • Naeem
                                • Pxp
                                • 27 Jul 2022

                                Anonymous, 23 Jun 2022No I have the phone is bad and I mean bad do not get the phoneWhich types of problems did you face?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • I1F
                                  • 23 Jun 2022

                                  Jason, 15 Jun 2022Strange phone. but i personally loved the SD 690 over the g... moreNo I have the phone is bad and I mean bad do not get the phone

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                                    • Jason
                                    • t7P
                                    • 15 Jun 2022

                                    Strange phone. but i personally loved the SD 690 over the gimmick 695 idk how QUALCOMM and smartphone companies calls it a great processor over this 690 like wtf moment. this chip can do 4k video recording and it can also do hdr content as i know and the last great lower midrange chipset ever to be released this chip was affordable at a lower price point tbh i'd get this over the 695 because the 695 is just wasting the beautiful displays and camera's same with the lame 680.. basically 680 and 695 are just gimmick type of thing but i know there are more to mention but this is the only thing i wanted to mention. but if you want to upgrade to a new phone with 695 do not do it. qualcomm could have used this same chip and put the thing from 695..

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                                      • Zuni13
                                      • XWx
                                      • 12 Jun 2022

                                      I'm using this model since from 2 months, it doesn't contain any issue regarding software or hardware, Internet speed is very fast, smooth on gaming, zero bloatware, in camera department it's outstanding in such price segment(used Snapchat and camera quality of front camera is outstanding and exceptional) , video recording is too smooth and detailed, speakers with Dirac sound enhancements work very well. I've no other complain then ips display, there must be an amoled display but in this price it really makes sense.

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                                        • Mark
                                        • IbG
                                        • 24 May 2022

                                        I've had a lot of the same problems others have mentioned here. The screen dims and you can't get it to go brighter, the jacked up proximity sensor, horrible fingerprint sensor and terrible cameras. This phone is also very sluggish and glitchy. The only thing that I love about it is the warp charge. You can charge a completely dead in 50 minutes, it's crazy.